Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jumping Off Point

This is a rather funny story from days gone by. Oh to be young and fearless and not worry about healing. When I and my friend Jess were about 18, 19, 20......Somewhere around that age, Jess had a big quarter horse gelding named TC. I can't remember if he was her first or not. Anyway, it was late November and I was going to go riding with Jess on TC. So we set off through the slightly snowed over fields, double bareback. The ride was quite nice and we'd been out long enough to have red noses from the winter chill and headed back to the farm where Jess kept TC. Well, TC had a different plan which did not include our leisurely ride back to the farm. He wanted to get there faster, so as we rounded the bend and the farm was within sight, TC took off in a dead out run. Jess could not stop him no matter what. The next thing I knew, Jess was dismounting during mid run as she was shouting, " I don't know about you, but I'm jumping!!!!!" And she was gone. I was right behind her screaming "Wait for me!!!!!". I sat there in the snow still shakin' it off and Jess was already chasing him back to barn, shouting various profanities and things she was planning to do to him when she caught up to him. I remember what I was wearing at the time, now mind you it was the eighties, I had on square toe western boots, long johns under a huge blue-jean prairie skirt which I bunched up to my crotch while riding. Oh how hilarious!


Donna said...

You were riding in a skirt?? Thanks for sharing, oh to be young and fearless.

Rising Rainbow said...

Ya, I'd love to be young and fearless again too, Too bad it's not going to happen.

Strawberry Lane said...

I don't suppose there was a photographer handy. Darn, didn't think so.

Oh the bravery of the young.