Saturday, March 31, 2007


Having had a few colics over the past seven years, I tend to be a bit paranoid. I remember that it took me several years owning Dakota that sometimes he was just taking a nap. I've never seen Misty lay down. And poor Kola today, just laying down to sleep. I watched her closely and her head was still up. I thought, "She's just sunning herself." Then I noticed her head down and flat. I knocked on the window and she alerted and held her head up again. Her head was down again and I became worried, so I went out to see her, stethoscope in hand. Walked up to her slowly and called her name. She was in rem, I'm sure. Her closed lids twitching and hooves twitching. Then I startled her, not intentionally. She got up and wobbled a bit. Looked at me like "you jerk" "I was sound out and asleep" "Now you had better feed me!" Poor Kola putting up with my paranoia.

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