Wednesday, April 4, 2007

On Groundwork

When I had Sofia here without any training whatsoever, I enlisted the advice of many and one in particularly, Jeremiah taught me something that seemed to work quite well. We were working on leading and manners and respecting space. One thing he taught me that he had learned from his Grandad was to lead the filly facing her and walking backwards, a few steps at a time, gently putting both hands up in the air (not frantically waving them) and saying "whoa" at the same time. This stopped the horse. Reach your hand out slightly towards her and wait for her to bring her nose towards you and when she does, then gently touch her nose and face while stating praise. I did this with Sofia for several days a week and in about two weeks leading and respect was vastly improved. She began to follow me everywhere, even when I was just out walking the pasture. It was so very rewarding.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to show Jeremiah this post when he comes in. He'll be super interested.