Thursday, April 12, 2007

Senile Dogs

Do old dogs get senile? I'm attempting to recover from a night lacking sleep. Lately this old dog, Fido, who faithfully comes to bed with us every night has been waking at about 2am in which he promptly begins drinking water out of the toilet bowl,(we have an on-suite bathroom to our bedroom) ignoring the bowl of water filled for him, opens up the bedroom door and proceeds to bark loudly at ????? Who knows. He barks in every room in the house for hours. Downstairs, upstairs, it doesn't seem to matter. And then he comes back upstairs to our bedroom door and stands there and barks until I get up and let him in and this will go on for hours. Ignoring him is not an option. Of course, my husband sleeps right through it. Now to understand my frustration fully, you must know that my husband has taught this old dog that it is ok to bark when he wants something whether that be a full food dish, to go out, to go into the bedroom by indulging the creature every time that he barks and then catering to his needs. And Steve thinks it's cute. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! And I almost forgot to mention that the dog barks to get onto the bed, because these days he needs to be lifted onto the bed, all 60 pounds of him.

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