Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Spot

Well, our winter storm in mid-April is over for now. We did lose power now and again. I went outside to open the pasture for the girls so that they may have a good leg stretch. I never miss an opportunity to take pictures of them. Thought they might trot around a bit but no. I've got more pictures of nostrils than you can imagine. They mill about me, poking noses in the little camera, waiting for that long awaited behind the ears scratch and then impatiently take turns for their "spot" rub. All horses have a spot. A certain place on their neck or body that they love to have scratched. Kola loves the top of her forehead right between her ears scratched and Misty likes the left side of her neck about 1/3 of the way down from the top just under her mane. You can see all the marvelous snow that fell yesterday. I love that my girls would rather spend their time hangin' by me than trotting away from me.


Anonymous said...

We have ten mules up in Montana, and their spot is the inside of their ears. Several of these mules are sixteen hands plus, two are seventeen but they drop their head almost between their knees if you scratch those long ears.

We had to give up on scratching under the tails because we had too many that would turn their butts to you (not to be rude, but in need of a scratch). It isn't a good habit to start.

Janey Loree said...

My son's mustang colt loves me to scratch him along his neck and back with my fingernails! My Quarter horse mare loves her face rubbed and I will have to ask Travis and Tony about their mustangs.

I think I will experiment and find out for myself. I love any opportunity to be around the horses, maybe I will find their spot so that they love having me around!