Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why Not Butts?

" I like big butts....and I cannot lie....." I just thought if I had eyes and noses, why not butts ? My girls' butts have never been that important to me, just so long as they're working (no body's colicking) or such. Everything is flowing smoothly, but not too smoothly. As I keep my girls on my property, I am able to keep close track of such matters. Having had brushes with colick, especially in winter months, I do keep a watchful eye. One thing I have noticed this year is that a salt block really does help. My horses always drink less during winter months and keeping diligent about the salt block has made a huge difference. Funny enough it is important to pay attention to those horse apples in the pasture. Too dry, too loose could mean a serious problem.


annette said...

That song went through my head when we brought home our newest acquisition - "Cowboy" - a palomino colt built like a tank. Can't wait for this sweetie to grow up and start him under the saddle!


Anonymous said...

what beautiful buts! i love the way they seem to be mirroring each other in the pictures. I hope you post more soon!