Monday, May 7, 2007

Horse Apple Buffet

Recently, I read a post on Our First Horse about the dogs coveting the hoof trimmings from the horses. Now, not only do my dogs eat the hoof trimmings, but they like to hit the all you can eat horse apple buffet. Now that's a fine mess to clean off the carpet when they're through at the buffet and promptly come into the house and "blow chow" on the oriental rug in the entry way of the house. Fido is the worst culprit. He never misses a chance to clean up the paddock. Today was certainly no different. Talk about gross, but dogs love poop for some reason. Eating it, rolling in it, and sharing it with the rest of us. What's worse though, is when the pigs at the pig farm across the street break out at two in the morning and come over to our place and poop and I don't know about it until I have three very stinky dogs trying to love up on me after they've spent the morning rolling in it. That reeks!

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