Friday, May 11, 2007

Why Me?

This is Lady Olena's colt, she had it last Saturday. I felt guilty breeding her because she just turned 24. I was going to send her to the vet to deliver, since she was doing so well I kept her home. She loves him dearly and he is a little more patient when it comes to dinner now. He figured out that it is just as easy to nurse when she is lying down. Thanks to Callie and Steve I can take these pictures. Callie has been waiting for this picture, thanks to Steve for the information to retrieve it! My boyfriends mare foaled on Wednesday. She is the last one. I will get some pictures of her this weekend.


kelly said...

Beautiful foal! Its getting me psyched for today. The vet is coming to check my maiden mare Devon today. She was bred a few weeks ago and now its time to see if it took:) fingers and toes crossed!

Twisted Oaks Quarter Horses said...

Thanks, I'm really surprised that she took. Her mother was still having babies into her late twenties. I might try again. I like to be at all the ultra-sounds. It's amazing how excited a person can get over a "black spot". I hope you see yours today!

Rising Rainbow said...

I love this pic of the foal strattling poor mom. You just never know what those darn babies will come up with next!