Sunday, June 17, 2007

Courage and Conviction

This post as titled is about conviction and courage. The blogger sphere is to allow us to express our views on particular subjects and to allow and encourage others who have the same or differing opinions to comment on those views while still keeping respectful of the persons blog you are commenting to.

As you all know and have seen I allow comments with opposing views to be published and viewed by all.

I made a comment on another bloggers blog disagreeing with their view. They asked me to site sources, which I did in the form of another comment. And last night I thought my they had posted it for all to see (I was logged in at the time) but when I revisited the site not logged in at the time, I find that my additional comments are only shown to me.

To me this shows although they have great convictions, they do not have the courage to be willing to argue their case and will only show any comments that appear in their favor.

If you have the conviction then have the courage to follow up.

This is not directed to my regular readers or anyone anonymous or not that has had the courage to comment on this blog. I appreciate all of my comments and thank those of you who comment on this blog.


Rising Rainbow said...

I totally agree with you. Although I'm guilty of holding a comment (it's an attack really). I haven't deleted it, it's still there in comment limbo, but it was so offensive to me, that I felt I must answer it somehow and I'm still mulling that around in my brain.

Part of the problem is I know I'm going to be attacked again when I do express my opinion and it's hard to be attacked anytime, let alone on your home turf.

Guess I should do like you and see what my readers think. That might be a good start. Because I really am like you and I do believe in my convinctions and I'm not afraid to put myself out there for all to see. Nor am I afraid of another side to a story. Life is complicated and all that input helps find a way through it.

I'd like to add, I guess I didn't know someome could manage comments so that only certain people could see them. This web is really a miraculous, strange and convuluted thing all rolled into one.

Donna said...

Callie, thank you for your courage and conviction. I've had people leave comments on my blog that were so hateful, and on the most tender subjects to me. All we can do is stay true to ourselves and hold our heads up when someone tries to beat us down.

Callie said...

Well, a personal attack may be something that I might consider holding back on as well. Because inspite of our differences and opinions, it is just not necessary to personally attack some one. We all are guilty of that feeling sometimes when someone just really pisses you off, but then I remind myself that I am no longer 20 something and that I am 40 something and the things that used to send me off really aren't that important in the grand scheme of things and I try to make my point without personally attacking someone else. I don't know what that person said to you, rising rainbow, but an offensive attack is wrong on their behalf and it sounds like they need to grow up a bit. Thats the beauty part about hittin' your 40's you're able to rise above it.