Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who Says Horses Don't Have Personality !

What is your horse's personality ? Misty is quiet and sweet, very layed back. Not much bothers her. I know she is probably one of the horses that would prefer no herd and would rather just be with me. She gets jealous if I give any attention to Kola. I have to stand between them and divvy it out equally. Now Kola is sweet, but more of a character and really enjoys talking and you talking to her. She never misses a thing and is quite curious, however gets concerned over the big scary cats and vocalizes that with snorts and nostril language. I had a gelding, Dakota, who was more of a class clown. He liked to play tricks and steal hair clips from my head or pluck a watch off my wrist and dance in the water. I almost forgot Mr. Personality himself and that would be Chlorox, the little white Shetland pony. Talk about a devilish personality, a virtual Houdini, selective on just who he liked and who he would allow to catch him and so much of his life revolved around food. So what's your horses personality ?


Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!

photogchic said...

My horse has a very serious personality--I would almost say "up-tight." It seems like the more she hangs out with me, the more she is developing a sense of humor. I started feeding her applesauce with a big syringe to get her used to them going in her mouth and she slobbers and slurps and her eyes flutter. It is the only time her goofy side comes out.

BarnGoddess said...

Scooter is stoic most of the time, he'll stand by and just over-see everything going on. He prefers me to other horses (he lovez me!) and he prefers snacks and sweets like candy bars, malts,french fries, and little debbie snack cakes to his HORSE food.

Rising Rainbow said...

There's not enough room (well maybe it's the internet) but certainly time to delve into all my horses' personalities. Lets suffice it to say, that each has his or her own and all are worth getting to know! However, I'm not chalking that flymask up to your horse's personality, it definitely goes with yours! LOL