Monday, July 16, 2007


This is my favorite baby. Not only is he out of my best mare, he is built right and a bay to boot. He is out of my friends stallion Skyco. He was showing until an injury forced him into the breeding shed. I really don't think he minds. He has a double stall and gets turned out. Sure beats getting hauled thousands of miles a year. I had a colt out of Stacy by Sky that my friend Sue bought, his name is Oakco. She isn't overly fond of my name choice for this one, I like it. He doesn't act loco and I plan on keeping him. His half sister is going to futurity this year and hopefully Oakco will go next year.


Rising Rainbow said...

So is there a story behind this name?

Callie said...

He really is growing up to be quite a handsome little boy. I think I would keep him too.

Twisted Oaks Quarter Horses said...

We wanted to just add a letter to Oakco, he was the first colt out of Skyco and Sweet Stacy Oak. It started out as a joke, we hope he will be loco over cows. When you show at a cutting they announce the horse instead of the rider. We thought it would be funny, "Now entering the herd, Loakco". He lived up to his name tonight. We decided to put Stacy and him in their own pen because of her supplements. He decided he wanted to check out the farm. I finally chased him into a stall and haltered him. The fight was on. He flipped over and fought all the way to the pasture. We ended up making up after I rubbed his neck for awhile and scratched his butt. He's still a keeper!