Friday, July 27, 2007

The Peeps

I call these little fellows the "Peeps" . I've felt obligated to leave a garage door open now this spring and summer because a pair of barn swallows had moved in and here are their offspring, the peeps. They're so tiny and brand new. Every time I walk into the garage and talk to them, their little heads peek over the nest and their mouths are wide open.


BarnGoddess said...

awww, how cute!

Rising Rainbow said...

Must be the season, lots of peeps on lots of blogs. lol

photogchic said...

I don't see barn swallows in Oregon. Many I haven't been in the right places. I miss those little peeps. We used to have tons in Minnesota.

The People History said...

Small Update on one of the Peeps

One of the babies fell out the nest this afternoon and I saw what I thought was a very tatty mouse scuttling under the tractor, imagine my suprise when I realised it was one of the peeps ,

Not sure if I did right but picked it up and found a ladder and gently put it back in the nest hope he is OK meanwhile mum and dad barn swallow were dive bombing so close to my head I could feel the breeze as they flew past

Hope the little chap or chappess is OK