Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mineral and Salt Blocks

Do you use mineral and salt blocks for your horses? I do. They come in a wide variety. Anywhere from under a dozen added minerals to twice that. But which one to choose? Well that depends on your horse's needs. The hay and grain that you feed. The work that your horse does. I use a generic hard mineral block for horses for mine. They have decent hay, little grain, and they don't so alot of work. And I keep a salt block for them as well. I find that they like that and it evokes them to drink alot more water. I've tried the softer mineral blocks and I find that they eat it up too fast. I think purely out of boredom. I'd rather my girls work at it a bit more. I think I've got the right mix for my girls now as they act and appear quite healthy. I'm always adjusting their hay amounts according to their weight. Right now Kola is good but Misty is just a bit overweight. You really have to determine your horse's needs, read the labels and perhaps consult your vet for what may be best.

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BarnGoddess said...

I keep both out for my Old Guy. sometimes he bites off chunks then spits them out-hes silly. Ive started him back on his equine senior. He has 30 acres of good pasture but lately hes looked like hes lost a few pounds (to me that is)He's 28 yo so I imagine the day will come when he gets skinny and bony like old horses do but dang, I hate that.