Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back Home

Mia has come "back home" for a little R&R. She is Spider's highest earning cutting horse so far. I sold her to my friends and they trained and are showing her. She came up with a mysterious bump on her leg so the vet said to give her a month off. She isn't lame and it appears to be mainly cosmetic. It wasn't worth taking a chance of it turning into something so she is on vacation at my place. My friends call my farm the "fat farm", it's the local horse spa. She was born here, it's nice to look out of the barn and see her enjoying herself and just being a horse.


Rising Rainbow said...

It's nice to have the horse children have successful careers. And even better when they're with great homes were people take such great precautions on their behalf. But having them come home for the R&R what a bonus!! lol

Twisted Oaks Quarter Horses said...

Thanks, they are more less my children. I never had kids. I'm very proud of her. It's causing mixed emotions having her back. She looks so much like her mama. I lost her to colic, she had already had surgery two years before she died. She was carrying Mia when that happened. She has a lot of her manerisms too. Then she looks like her daddy too. I hope they forget she's here!

Kathy C said...

I chuckled at the fat farm comment, as I am struggling to keep mine thin right now. They have too much food in one paddock and not enough in the other. My FIL says if that's my biggest problem (fat horses) life must be good. He's right.

I hope you enjoy your time with Mia.