Thursday, October 25, 2007

Breakfast Outdoors

I'm not sure what it is about my husband when he feeds, but the horses and goats have developed some odd morning habits now. I went out to feed and I feed the horses each only one half of scoop of grain first and then I put two flakes of hay in their feeder. I then go back to the feed shed and get a large full scoop of grain for the goats and one flake of hay for them. Once the girls' grain is their exactly the same over the fence feeders, Misty will now take one, maybe two large gulps of grain while Kola scrambles to get as much as she can, then Misty decides that Kola has more and kicks her out of her grain and Kola tries to finish what Misty has left. In the mean time while I'm feeding the goats, Herman goes straight to what is now Misty's feeder, which originally starts as Kola's feeder and fights Misty via head butt and her ears back to get that grain before he realizes that his goat buddies are scoffing up their grain. It's like a well rehearsed comedic ballet!


Rising Rainbow said...

I'm surprised you can keep track of all of that. It sounds like a zoo to me.

Transylvanian horseman said...

That sounds like feeding hay on the snow in winter. One pile per horse, it seems simple enough. However they keep circulating trying to get a "better" hay pile, and chase others off it. Hopefully the exercise improves digestion:)

Callie said...

Now I've made sure that the following two days I've fed everyone and since "the comedic scuffle" they seem to be back to normal. However, I'm back to work on Sunday, Tuesday, & Wed., so I imagine we'll go back to the scuffle. Pretty funny!