Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Is Cash Dunn?

Cash has really started to change colors. He was a golden dun like his daddy. He is almost a grulla color on his shoulder now. We are calling him a "dirty dun". I can hardly wait until next spring to see what color he really is. Cat's dam was registered as a buckskin and she turned gray with red flecks. I have to check to see what colors she came out of. According to the color book you have to have at least one gray parent to get gray. I was worried Cat would change color, he still is his pretty dun color. It is so hard trying to get pictures of horses that follow you!


photogchic said...

What a handsome boy. Love his stripe. I will check back to see what other bloggers say about his coloring. That is omething I have to learn more about. I thought my mare was a buckskin, but she is a dun with black points:-)

Rising Rainbow said...

Ya, and why is that when you get a camera in your hand, they have to get right up close and stick their noses in the thing. lol

I haven't a clue about duns and such but the basics like gray and bay and chestnut, I know my stuff.That's all Arabians can be registered those three and black. Makes it much easier.