Thursday, December 13, 2007

This is what Steve and I will be trudging through this early afternoon. We will be cutting down our own Christmas Tree. We usually do it a week earlier, but we were holding off until youngest child brat returns home from college, however she just informed us not to wait and go ahead and get the tree set up before she arrives home. She gets home on Friday night. I have some cleaning to do today, got most of it done yesterday, a whole mega shopping list and then the tree. This will be a busy day. At least I did the outdoor critters water troughs yesterday. That's always a big and cold chore.


Trail Riding Cowgirl said...


Be thankful for the white stuff, I am up to my ears in mud and would love for it to freeze here. Actually supposed to get 6 inches of snow on Saturday. Can't believe I am happy about that, but enough of the mud. How's Ronnie?

Callie said...

I think she's doin' good. Jess owns her and I won't get an update because she'll be flyin' out of OHare at 7am Friday on her way down to Texas for the NCHA futurity. I don't think I spelled that right. But when she's back I'll ask her to post an update.

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh the trees all look so pretty. Cold, but pretty none the less.