Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Seven

This will be another 7 weird random facts........But only these will be about one of the other contributors to this blog and that is my husband, Steve aka "The People History"............

1) He once dove 85 feet into the ocean off the back of a ship to impress the girls and swam to the nearest concrete post that the ship was tied to only to find that he was surrounded by sharks and then needed to be rescued..........He may have been fired from that ship.

2) He hates the size of his feet........I don't.....wink, wink, nudge, nudge,.......know what I mean?

3) He has named some of the wild birds that visit his feeder as he loves his birds......example....the cardinals are Mr. and Mrs. Special, the bluejays are Mr. and Mrs. Angry.

4) He has created the very image of himself in his son. They are like two peas in a pod......Eerie!

5) He lives on the British and disgusting creation of Marmite on bread and instant coffee.

6) He doesn't like the smell of horses........hmmmmph!

7) He has very good taste, after all he married me :)


The People History said...

Callie forgot the most important interesting fact about me

I am the lord of all I survey EXCEPT

Dogs order me about by the use of different number of barks for different tasks I need to do
1 bark for water
2 barks for entry to office
3 barks for food
4 barks to go out etc

Plus there is my wife who says the immortal words "darling" then I have lost.

And the child brats who say "If You Loved Me"

what is a man to do who is lord of all he surveys


Rising Rainbow said...

OK, good taste except for not liking the smell of horses! But getting ordered around by dogs is a good thing I think, isn't it?

Callie said...

I thought my Husband's response to his seven via comment was hilarious. It is true though!

Anonymous said...

These were three great lists. Well done!

dickiebo said...

'Doesn't like the smell of horses'. 'Has good taste'. C'mon now. Howcome?

Callie said...

He actually can't distinguish the difference between horse poop/pee and cat pee......LOL

I came in and sat down after mucking stalls and he told me he thought a cat had peed some where and I sad,"Are you sure it's not me?" Even though I had changed out of my barn clothes, I lent him my arms and he said,"Oh yeah, that's it." It was clearly Ode de Equine !