Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Different Perspectives

As my wife has said many times and never ceases to remind me.

"I am a city boy" , I also happen to be British but don't hold that against me .

I have listened to Callie and Jessie talk about horse slaughter and read Callies article about Closing the Slaughter Houses and her post about the accident with a loaded hauler.

I am sort of on the fence over horse slaughter , I do not like the idea but sort of understand why it happens, and normally stay out of it.

But something has just caught my interest a new bill going through Congress
American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R. 503/S. 311)

Now as an outsider and with little understanding it seems to block the domestic and international transport of live horses or horseflesh for human consumption, which will stop the current way round the slaughter houses being closed down and the horses for slaughter being transported to Mexico and Canada for slaughter.

The bill does appear to be set up to stop it , but leaves the question of who will police and how. But does not answer the bigger question of an overabundance of horses with many being given away . My very own personal view is unlike dogs or cats keeping a horse is an expensive endeavour and if people get the horses free do they know how expensive they are to feed, vaccinate, shoe etc. etc. I should also point out that to get a horse gelded is significantly more expensive that having your cat done.

The first link is about an accident involving 59 yearlings loaded in a double Decker cattle/hog hauler in an accident and how the horses suffered ( Callie reprinted a letter sent to her from a member of a local horse club she belongs to.
It Started

The second is an idea of what has happened to the horse industry since the slaughter houses have closed down
Free Horses

The third is one of Callies Posts about Horse Slaughter check out the number of comments will give you an idea of how emotive this subject is
Horse Slaughter

I also wonder at how those who are very outspoken about Animal Welfare often sensor those with differing views often not allowing comments on their blogs that differ from their own opinions , Callie who is not pro slaughter but tries to look at both sides of the issue has had her comments blocked twice this last time with a supposed authority site

Britannia Blog on Subject

This is part of the very trusted Encyclopedia Britannica the worlds foremost "trusted" source for information, which begs the question should a trusted resource only allow comments that correspond to the views of their authors to be published.

They have now accepted a comment from Callie ( much toned down ) , I never saw her original but she can get a little frosty with her comments when she is on a mission so maybe she overstepped the limit .

It is very difficult to find comments from those in the horse industry as to what the effects will because of the censorship issue.


photogchic said...

It is a romantic idea to ban slaughter plants, but not realistic. I love all horses, but there comes a time when they are not viable or useable. The issue shouldn't be whether or not to have slaughter plants, but how the horses are put down. They need to leave this world with dignity and respect and bottom line...it needs to be done humanely.

Callie said...

I totally agree, Photochic. This has to be one of the best said comments I've ever read on the subject. Thank-you.

Mrs Mom said...

Kudos Photogchic! Well said. Now if we could just get some of these other nut jobs to LISTEN...

I am neither pro- nor anti slaughter. I am willing to LISTEN to ANYONE who can propose a vialble solution to the slaughter option- which IMO should have been done WELL BEFORE the slaughter ban passed.

As to the moderation of comments, well.... Callie, kudos to you for standing up for what you believe in. I try to avoid political discussion, as my views are mine, and not to be forced upon anyone else. The exteme comment moderation indulged in by the anti-slaughter proponents smacks of a certian affliation to a political party that ALSO refuses to allow opposing views to be expressed. Anyone who tells me that I need to only listen to THEIR views, because THEY are the ONLY ones who are right.... Well boy howdy do I not need to be anywhere near them!

Photogchic you are right- the horses in question richly deserve to meet their end with dignity and respect. And they also do not need to be abandoned, given away, or left to fend for themselves as is currently happening. I read recently two seperate stories; one stating that there has been absolutely no effect since the slaughter bill action, and the other stating there has been a dramatic and catastrophic effect.

I know what I have seen for myself- but tell me, who do we believe...?

Whoa- sorry about that! LOL... Guess this is more of an issue to me than I thought!

Happy Hoofin!

Simply Marvelous said...

Much as it pains me, I've been staying up to date on the subject of slaughter.

In my mind's world, I don't want the slaughtering of horses to happen ever.

In fact, I wasn't even going to click on the subject.

But I am so glad I did and read the comment from Photochic.

Her bottom line of being done "humanely" is truly the answer.

Callie said...

Thanks, Mrs.Mom. It's ok to ramble here and express any opinion you hold. I have never censored anyone unless it's an outright attack on another person rather than on the post. I agree with both you and photochic, but as you can see it gets to be a hot topic.

Thank-you Simply M. It is a hard subject to touch and emotions run high. I'm glad you chose to click and as you gathered I thought Photo's comment was one of most well said things I've ever read.

photogchic said...

I have thought a lot about the issue. Thought about doing a documentary at one point about it. It is a subject that is hard to talk about. Anyone who loves horses the way we do, hates to face the issue. Thanks for opening up the dialog.

Callie said...

Thanks Photo, I've had the hot subject opened in the past and haven't opened it in nearly 6 months as it usually ends with an agree to disagree. I think your idea is a good one, a documentary. I like to open the dialog because often these days it gets swept under the rug because it is too painful for people to discuss, but without discussion, there isn't the free flow of ideas which may lead to solutions.

Twisted Oaks Quarter Horses said...

Last night I watched a TV show that dealt with assisted suicides. I believe that any and all creatures of the earth have the right to a "humane and dignified death", I do not beleive in suicide . My mother has a living will that leaves me to have the "plug pulled" when the doctors decide there is no longer a chance at a acceptable quality of life. My sister and I will have our wills done the same way. Unfortunaetly the animals are left at the mercy or lack of mercy of the owner. Sometimes a concerned individual will intervene in their behalf, but not too often. The question is what is humane? I have 2 horses to put down this spring, It is getting too costly to keep them comfortable and they cannot be fixed. I have decided how it will be done and I'm sure many will not agree with me. I had not been there when my one mare was put down or another one that had broken it's leg. I have to admit that the pain is too much for me to bear. Having heard the accounts from both the individuals that did handle the situation the bullet was instant where as the vet giving the shot was not accurate and my mare did not die right away. Turning them out into a big pasture and letting nature take it's course is not an acceptable option too me.