Monday, February 11, 2008

Kola Sleeping in The Snow!

I said that I would post this the other day and so I did today. I just happened to catch Kola sleeping in the new snow. I thought it was funny. She's fighting it, but then the Sandman catches her. She's the only one I catch laying down to sleep. I have caught Misty only once in all of these years and the other day Misty was refusing it as I watched her falling asleep standing up. Steve has caught Misty laying down to sleep, but I really have not seen it. Kola always lays to sleep.


Transylvanian horseman said...

It's so funny to see them sleeping in the snow. I used to worry when the nose had sunk into the snow, but no harm ever came of it. Sometimes my dogs sleep in the snow too, even when they have a nice kennel and can get into the hay barn as well.

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Callie said...

Yeah, she seems to have no problems with her nose in a snow bank. It took me awhile to realize that she likes to lay down to sleep and when she's tired, she'll do so.

Victoria Cummings said...

Both my horses lay down to sleep. Silk even takes a siesta most days after lunch. I think when a horse feels safe enough to lay down to sleep that's a good sign.