Thursday, February 28, 2008

Misty Rolling During Dinner

I just took this video this afternoon as I had been out cleaning and replenishing water troughs and since it was afternoon, the girls naturally decided that it was time for dinner. While they were eating, Misty just decided to start rolling, of course directly after I had straightened her blanket. I tried to zoom in and my camera won't let me while shooting video, bummer. It's always fun to catch them doing things like this. Usually in the summer directly after having been given a bath and good groom. The dirtiest part of the paddock, usually. Again, Pardon the state of my hardened ice/snow mix of poop, hay and all. Unfortunately not much I can do about until Spring.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I think every horse does the same thing. My favorite used to be, bathe and braid them the night before a show and in the morning there would be poop embedded in the braids. I guess they used the poop as a pillow during the night. Liked the video.

Callie said...

Funny aren't they.....poop in braids, nuts!