Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pet Peeves

I've been tagged by Grey Horse Matters for a rather fun game of pet peeves. This is a good way of "sounding off" and not only fun, but good for the soul! So I will try and limit mine to five, although once I get rolling, who knows what may show up on this post. Muhahah! Some of this may be related to the blogosphere and some may not.
1) And this first one is NOT related to any of my fellow bloggers that I've met and respect out here, but there have been places I have visited with many a follower who will leave a comment, but then hide behind a made-up profile that is not accessable. If you have a statement to make or an opinion, please have the "kahunas" to stand behind that opinion and don't just follow the leader and hide.
2) What I learned, especially when I first got back into horses eight years ago and I especially noticed this in the horse world, is that everyone is an expert........It amazes me, the number of "horse people" (self proclaimed experts) that really don't know anything. I'm always stupid and there is always something to learn. They're usually the one's that look like jack*sses while showing off. I don't have to show off to look like a jack*ss, but I'll own up to it. We've all had our moments, some of mine are quite humorous. Thank God for forgiving mares and good friends we can laugh with.
3) People who drive like "*ssholes".......... Go back to driving school, or better yet, stay at home with your booze. The rest of us would like a relatively safe journey.
4) I have to agree with Grey Horse on this one. Backyard Breeders, who have managed to flood the horse market with badly conformed, unwanted, mostly unpapered horses that nobody wants and then scratch their heads and can't figure it out, while these horses are abandoned, starve and take a trip to slaughter. Stop It!, Dillholes! You think you'll make money and you can't afford to feed what you have and then you change your name to a rescue and ask me to contribute.
5) Wisconsin Winter!!! When the hell is this cold and snow ever going to end!!!! Why do I live here?
So there you have it.........five pet peeves.........Now I'll invite anyone who wants to play, although most of you have already. A little behind the eight ball here.


photogchic said...

I am with you on backyard breeders. There are plenty of them on my way out to the barn. All those horses sit untouched and unused, and sure enough, every summer, they have new little foals running around...just crazy.

Rising Rainbow said...

Having been the victim of some anonymous comments, I feel the same way about commenters who slam bloggers but don't have the courage to identify themselves.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Thanks for doing the pet peeves thing. I have so many more, it was hard to pick just five. I could keep a running commentary everyday. There is a blog I usually check out, she is a little rough for some people with her language, but I can take it, check out, if you want to hear some real rants, this is the blog for you, she is absolutely brutal to everyone.

Callie said...

Photo, Yeah BYB's piss me off.

Mikael, I also take issue with mob mentalitiy.

Grey Horse, I've been there, done her. She makes valid points and rants and mostly I agree, but, there is something not quite right there. Nobody is that perfect and my biggest problem is often the mob. Don't get me wrong, I've made comments there too, but I've also called out their own on certain things said from those they protect which counterdicted what was being said. Long story.Had to do with a helmetless child and ill wishes on that child. Not the kid's fault. Find fault with parent not kid. As a person who puts helmetless children together in a trauma room and peds ICU for a living, I took offense. In the end no hard feelings and person who wronged apologized, so can't hold that against them. He stood up and took responsibilty, which I respect. And thanks by the way for tagging me on this. I found it fun and like I said good for the soul.

Mrs Mom said...

OMG Callie...LOL... I am going to try and post some pet peeves-- NON equine related this time, by Friday- busy busy day tomorrow, but will get them up for you to enjoy ASAP!

Loved yours and AGREED totally!!!

Callie said...

Mrs.Mom, you crack me up. Looking forward to reading yours. I can tell this is the beginning of a great friendship...LOL

Mud Ranch said...

I enjoyed your pet peeves as well and totally agree. It is sad how many horses are being "manufactured" now days when there isn't a market. They just head on down the road to slaughter. :( Sad.

Rising Rainbow said...

callie, I'm with you about fugly. The fact that so many of those commentors have id's but are still really anonymous bothers me as well. The proportions are way out of whack for that kind of stuff. Some of those folks are just using it as an excuse to be mean and gang up on people. I, too, have seen some pretty inappropriate behavaior going on. Jumping to conclusions and not really caring who they hurt. I stay away as well.

Kathy said...

Amen! Although I am sick of this Canadian winter!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your right about the fugly horse site, she goes too overboard sometimes, but in general I find her funny. And I will just bet she is not as perfect as she thinks she is, and a lot of her comment people are totally in the dark on a lot of issues. It's a place I stop in once and a while, just to see what she's got going. Actually I think she is pretty full of herself.

Callie said...

I still go there and look see around every now and then too, GH, same reasons....LOL

BarnGoddess said...

1. cowards I dis like as well

2. LMAO you are so RIGHT! just because their Uncle's neighbor had a pony back in '77 they KNOW all about horses. Ive learned that there is so much to know about horses, every day is a learning experience and Ive been around horses nearly every day of my almost 39 years.

3. there seem to be a lot of these drivers inmy area

4. RIGHT ON!!! there should be laws against this. I am serious. People spay neuter their cats/dogs/ferrets why not insist horses be gelded??

5. OKLA winter...another ice storm. I am quickly losing my mind.