Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Too Muddy, I Gave Up


It was far too muddy in the paddock area. It had started to dry a bit but then it rained all night Monday and other than the lean-to, everywhere else is deep with mud, so feeling guilty, I opened the pasture to give them a dryer place to be out in. I tossed their morning hay out there and the first thing Misty did was to roll in the one muddy place out there. I've been a bad mommy, she ended up with rub marks on her shoulders from her blanket. New blanket for Misty this year. That one's going in the trash. They stood at the top and ate their hay and then went for a little trot and I didn't see them. I called and they came galloping in,well Misty gallops, Kola tries. Kola's gaited so shes more of a trotter. I yelled for them to take it easy. I'll keep a close eye on them as I don't want any injuries, but it's good for a leg stretch for them. It's dryer out there than it is in. There's really no fresh grass yet as it's still frozen under the mud. I think they appreciate it. Gosh I can't wait for this crap to dry up! Oh, And pardon my mouth breathing, suffering with a bit of cold symptoms!



Grey Horse Matters said...

You might just as well forget it, the muddier it is the better they like it. All my guys look brown even the gray and the paint. It must feel good or they wouldn't do it right?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

What is the deal with rub marks from blankets on the shoulders? Every blanket I have had has left them, whether new or old. I thought it was just the nature of the blanket wanting to slide back from the slope of the neck and the withers, putting pressure on the shoulders and causing rubbing. Fortunately, the hair grows back fast enough.

Callie said...

Arlene, I don't mind them rolling so much,after all it what they love. I feel guilty over the mud their standing in until it dries up. I've conceded to dirty girls until spring has really sprung..LOL

NuzMuz, The Weaver that I bought for Kola didn't leave any rub marks. Hell, the inside wasn't even peppered with hair....I think it's the horse too. Kola is gaited and takes shorter strides. Misty has long strides and that's why I think she gets the marks. I'm going to get her a Weaver as well. The true test will be next winter. If she gets marks from the Weaver than I know it's her stride. Thankfully it does grow back. Now I have to worry about goat eaten tails growing back. Thank God, I don't show....LOL

Midlife Mom said...

Don't they love the mud!!! The only good thing is it helps pull out the winter hair when you try to brush the mud out. Mine are shedding like mad right now and it is snowing out! I guess we're only going to get a few inches thankfully. I hate those rub places too but some horses seem to get them worse then others. One of mine gets them so I have to put one of those bra things under his blanket and that helps. I don't know what they are really called.
I had a blast in Florida at the mini horse show! They are sooooooo cute, be sure to stop by and see some of the pictures that I took. I WANT one but am not going to get one, already have too many mouths to feed!

photogchic said...

Happy girls. Nice to see some video of them.

Rising Rainbow said...

I've rarely had problems with rubmarks and never had trouble with them on Vee before this year. I finally stripped her blanket off because sometimes those rubmarks will result in the scarring that leaves white hairs. White hairs on my black bay mare would not be good.

As for the mud, they do love it. That's for sure. My gray mares look pinto right now with their dry caked on mud. lol

Callie said...

MLM, Hopefully we're done with the snow here. It's mud on top of melting ice on top of more mud here!

Thanks, Photochic, They do seem happy enough!

Mikael, These rubs are the worst I've seen on Misty. Like I said, old blanket in the garbage and good thing I don't show...LOL