Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Grass Is Always Greener

Kola stretching yesterday to reach the greener grass. I though she was hilarious. Jeremiah comes Monday to trim feet and I'm on the hunt for Innovator 6, so I can get spring shots started on Monday while I have Jeremiah here, then I will call and make the regular appointment for coggins and a West Nile vaccination for them. Last year, when they got pounded with all at once, they had a reaction, especially Miss Sensitive here, so I thought I'd stagger them this year.


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Amazing how they will twist themselves around to get any little blade of green grass.
LOL-on the poop. I always check it out. Chris asked me on time what I was doing when I was standing there staring at a pile of fresh poo-when I told him I was making sure the poop looked good-he got the funniest look on his face and never said another word.

Callie said...

BECowgirls, It is amzing the flexion they have when it comes to food. Steve just rolls his eyes over the poop thing. But I check the dogs' poop as well. Too funny!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm pretty sure that saying was fashioned after horses and that particular behavior. They are such a hoot!

Staggering things sounds good to me. I always feel for the horses who get blasted with everything all at once.

Callie said...

Mikael, I just ran out and bought Innovator-5 (wish they had 6). And will have Jeremiah help me with shots on Monday, then I'll schedule vet for about 3 weeks and inbetween worm them again.

Kris said...

They can be pretzels when food is involved!
I really do not think men get it! I can tell you whoes poo is whoes, there habits and he is looking at me like you know this!?!?!?!? Well, yes!

Strawberry Lane said...

So glad to be back! I missed reading all your adventures and the terrific photographs. Look forward to catching up!

About staggering vaccines: that is something that I always do now after having had some pretty sick horses.

I think it is too tough on their immune system to get them everything all in one shot... especially the West Nile, which I do completely alone.

Now ... back to catching up!