Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This Morning

When I left this morning to run some errands, I had decided to give the girls a break and let them out to "less" muddy conditions for a leg stretch. At first they decided to race me to the end of the driveway as the pasture runs along side the driveway and I rolled down the window screaming "Whoa!" at the top of my lungs as it is still slick out there and of course they payed me no mind, so I backed up to make sure that they had settled down a bit and no one had torqued anything and they stopped to see me leave. Silly girls! I love the way they perk their ears when I talk to them and when THEY are done, just walk away.


Grey Horse Matters said...

All of mine are the same, I think once they see I don't have carrots or a treat they lose interest pretty fast.Very cute though.

Rising Rainbow said...

I hate when they run around like that and you worry if someone is going to get hurt.

Callie said...

Arlene, Mine are like that. Once they realize I'm not baring treats well then it's "the hell with you" LOL

Mikael, I know, I want them to get some exercise and get out of the muck, but they have to get silly and I stood in ther for the longest time to supervise as well.