Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scenes From This Week

I told him to go away and that he didn't belong to me, but he didn't listen. He is not one of mine!

Mr. Special (so Steve has named this Cardinal) . He was tearing apart our Pansies and making all sorts of noise!

Zoe and Steve playing Badminton and Spot joining in.

Mr. and Mrs. Goldfinch enjoying finch seed. They come several times a day.

Another colt on the streets of Lake Geneva. Thought this one was really pretty.

One of our local flooded roads. These are farm fields surrounding this road. Not even one of the rivers or nearby creeks. Expect our groceries and feed to rise even higher in price!

Two very bored girls as they are currently dieting and locked out of the pasture.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Nice pictures of your week. I bet you could do without the floods though.

cdncowgirl said...

The girls look like they're trying to figure out just how the heck they can get at that grass!

Callie said...

Thanks, Arlene. Amazing, it hasn't rained since Thursday and that flood picture was taken yesterday. The road is closed.

cdncowgirl, I'm sure they are. but can you see the sizes of those butts!? LOL

Victoria Cummings said...

It must be really green there too. Have you seen the size of my Siete's butt? I wish someone would lock me out of the refrigerator. We're all trying to diet here too.

Callie said...

I hear ya, Victoria. Easy keepers are the biggest culprits and easier to founder.

Tracey said...

Oooo...I love that colt sculpture! Buy it for me, will you?

I know what you mean about the flooding and feed. We're calling this month Junuary around these parts. It was snowing on us as we drove home from Sacramento last weekend :(

Callie said...

Tracey, Recently the national reported 50% of wisconsin with flood damage! Eeegads! Cripes! Snow! I'm happy enough to wait until November for snow!

Portraits de chevaux said...

As the wheat prices have increased muche those last weeks, it may become a real problem if the fields are flooded.
Here the summer is coming, the air gets dry and the temperature increases. Hope it will be the same for you.
See you soon.

Pony Girl said...

I have a cat that hangs out with me, too. He sits under my patio table and often I walk up to my place and there he is! He usually starts to run off but will stop and cry and let me pet him. He is in good shape and wears a collar (no i.d.) so I am assuming he belongs to one of my neighbors. I just plan not to get too attached in case something happens...I live awfully close to a busy road!
My (sausage) Boy is on a diet too, lol!

Callie said...

Thanks,Portraits, Our season is now coming summer as well, but the rain and flooding in the midwest is a little unusual to this extent.

PonyGirl,LOL, this cat is clearly a stray, but there's an older lady less than a quarter mile down the road who feeds all the farm strays and I think this one has expanded his territory a bit.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Awww let the poor stray kitty in! I'm sure he wouldn't do any harm to any of your personal items:-)
Love the last pic of the mares! Poor starving things! lol

Midlife Mom said...

Can I come and stay in the dieting pen a while with the girls?! I need it worse then my horses and a couple of them are on diets! I mowed my pasture so that there isn't a lot to get out there but they still are pudgy. Sigh.....My farrier leaves me fat notes when my horses get too heavy! lol! I tease him about it and tell him pretty soon he'll be leaving one for ME!!