Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Thursday..............

I call them my two newspapers. Get it? Black and white? Pretty poor, eh?

Home made salsa on a hot summer day.......yum! I love this stuff. Easy to make too!

Doesn't this peach look so good? It was! The peaches this year are so juicy and sweet!

It was near impossible to get a picture of these two together today as I've been busy with house and yard work this week and finally spent some quality time with the girls. They took turns laying their heads in my arms with my hand wrapped around noses and I smothered them in kisses. They missed me. I missed them too!

I must have blown in her ear......... She follows me everywhere.

Lilliput is lethal. This sweet moment is rare. A kiss on your face is usually followed by fangs sinking into your cheek, so approach at your own risk and with great caution!
Stephen's 55 pound lap dog! He so loves his Daddy!


Andrea said...

Your lap dog is hilarious!! LOL!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures! So sweet that she follows you around. Love your stained glass picture too. I used to make them, but don't have the time anymore. Have a great day.

Mrs Mom said...

Oh gosh, I love that shot of Steve with the "lap dog"!! Is that a stained glass window they are posing by??? Wow that is beautiful!!

Cuddling with the horses has to be about the best feeling in the world. Seriously. Sure, you can cuddle your children, and get a wonderful feeling... your spouse and get a few wonderful feelins ;),... but there is something--- something about the love for a horse.... *sigh*

Dude I am sappy today!! lol

Go chase Stephen around with a water pistol for

Callie said...

Andrea, You should see him when he thinks he's a parrot!LOL

Thanks Arlene, They both follow me unless I've just layed down the food.

Mrs Mom, Steve loves his puppy! And I love cuddling the girls. LOve it!

Arlene and Mrs Mom, That is the back of the stained glass, It's 4ft by 3ft and Steve had it commissioned for us using a picture of Dakota. It's what you see when you walk through our front door in the extension. Of course you look up and it's about 10ft from the floor down there, but my office is in the loft so it sits right next me.

Midlife Mom said...

I love to hug and cuddle my horses. They like it for a few minutes and then it's okay, I've had enough. Our little rescue pony we really try to cuddle and pet a lot, he really needs it and has come a long way in the few years that we've had him. Nice stained glass window!!!!!!!

Callie said...

Midlife Mom, I could cuddle them all day and they would love it! LOL

kdwhorses said...

Lap dog! ROTFL!!!

Great pics!

Love to cuddle with my babies! Hubby will sometimes call me when I got to the barn, is everything alright and when are you coming back?!?!?! LOL! Love'em

Callie said...

LOL, I could die out there and no one would notice for at least a day!