Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back Home Again

Well, we got the youngest back to Mizzou to start her second year. This time we felt like old pros. Knew where to go. Knew some of the kids and it was an easier move in. And it was easier for her to shove us off too. She already had plans with about five of her friends. We moved her in and helped her unpack. Made a quick trip to Walmart for some last minute things, took her to lunch, picked up her books and gave her a big hug and kiss and made it home in 7 1/2 hours. All of the four legged children were beside themselves. Whinnies, baaahs, barks meows and tweets! Jeremiah watched the house and critters while we were gone for 36 hours. It's nice to be home.

This thing was dead, but it was as big as my hand! It was at our hotel in Missouri! A Praying Mantis! Kind of pretty in it's own right.

Play with me! How could you have left us! Never leave me again!

It's about time.....Where the hell were you?! Now feed us!

Oh boy! Oh boy! You're back! Now "phhhhh" on you for leavin' me!


Andrea said...

I love it how animals give us the guilt trip for leaving them! LOL!! Glad you are back!

Mrs Mom said...

Welcome Back Callie! Glad the trip went well taking Adventure Gal back to the realms of higher educamacation.

How long will it take before the girls forgive you this time? LOL

kdwhorses said...

ROTFL!!! You know that's exactly what they are saying to you! LOL! You can tell by the looks on there faces!

That mantis is huge! Glad he was dead! I don't like bugs very much!

Glad you got her settled in for school! School starts here Monday. Not ready, and reall wondering where summer went!?

Now get back to them animals woman! LOL!

Midlife Mom said...

The first year our son went away to college I bawled all the way taking him to move in! It was the University of Maine and it was only 20 minutes away! ha! He was home the next day for something and came home most weekends. Being an only child it was hard having him away but we got used to the empty nest and now enjoy it. Of course he only lives 5 minutes away through the woods so I guess it doesn't really make us totally empty nesters as we see him and his family almost every day. :o)

That praying mantis thing looks scary even if it is dead! I'm glad they don't like snow!

Bet your furry kids were some glad to have you back home. I always miss my guys so much when we are away and worry about them even though I know they are being well cared for. I guess I figure no one does it the same as I do.

We had a cat years ago that would give us the cold shoulder for a day or two after we got back from a trip. She was really scolding us for leaving her behind!

Glad you had a safe trip!

Callie said...

Thanks All, They get over it pretty quickly once they realize that the food comes from my arms....LOL

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like you're getting to be pros at the college thing. Very good comments from the animals, you get the feeling that's exactly what they are saying to you. I'm sure they are all happy to have you back, but they'll never let you off the hook.

White Horse Pilgrim said...

I remember going back to college many years ago. It was nice to get away from the claustrophobia of home, and a relief when my parents left and couldn't do anything else embarassing in front of the students. But we didn't have horses at home, and my family wasn't quite as cool as you guys.

Anonymous said...

That is the biggest bug I've ever seen. A little bit creepy, but I see what you mean about it almost being pretty.

Pony Girl said...

Yikes! Thats one big bug!
Glad the trip back to college went well. Hard to believe summer is over!

Callie said...

They are happy having us back home and that was a giant bug, I don't think I've ever seen one that big!

Callie said...

I have to laugh, WHP, She's had 19 years of living with a bizarre parent and almost 9 years with said bizarre parent's other haof, equally bizarre. In turn, she has a great and warped sense of humor!