Saturday, August 16, 2008

Horsing Around Town

Many of you may have remembered seeing Callies post in June about the painted ponies on display in Lake Geneva Painted Ponies In Lake Geneva raising money for SMILES a charity who provide therapeutic and recreational horsemanship lessons to children and adults with disabilities.

Below is a link to all 81 painted horses which you can bid online from September 19, 2008. Horsing Around Town with better photographs and also includes all 80 painted horses.

There is a live auction at The Grand Geneva Resort & Spa. on October 4th .

This seems like a great idea for any horse rescue charity to work with local businesses to not only promote local companies and the charity but raise a good amount of money
If you know of a good horse rescue charity who could gain from this let them know


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kdwhorses said...

WOW!! They are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing! And what a great idea to raise money.