Sunday, August 31, 2008

More From The Fair !

I thought she was just too cute!

This area of the barn was pristine. A good representation, after all we are the Dairy State!

Stephen thought the judging of these geese was hilarious! It was pretty funny.

These races have been run at these fairgrounds for 150 years!

Bringin' it on home!

Barrel Racing! I love watching the speed events.

She placed third in the Jr. Walk-Trot or Jog. A mix of both Western and English. I did pick her to place.

Saturday morning's sunrise. Did I really get up that early?

Me and my girls when we got home from the fair yesterday.


Grey Horse Matters said...

All great pictures of a fun day at the fair. I love that palomino,I just can't see Dusty going that fast(she thinks she does though). The picture of the sunrise is beautiful and I love the picture of you with the girls, you all look so happy and peaceful.

Callie said...

Thanks Arlene, And I forgot to put up the pic of the girl riding the drafty!