Monday, August 11, 2008

Useful Little Gadget

I thought I would pass this on as a few of Callies fellow bloggers might find it handy

This is javascript but not that scary really if you take it slow

This could also be good for a site like Mustang Diaries to show case the soaps and other crafts she sells to help with the costs of running a Mustang Rescue .

I think it could also be used for Mrs Mom who wants to showcase the writing she does on E-How but might be little more complicated than just showing pictures with a link to the website.

It would also be a nice little thing to showcase your other blogs or even for those who do affiliate marketting

It is running in the top corner of the blog Worthy Sites, each time you refresh the page a different banner should appear


I have used it on The People History for showcasing people who sell arts and crafts that are made in America on The People History as a way of providing some free advertising for them in the run up to Christmas ( I know it is only August but not long to September when people start looking around for Christmas Gift Ideas )

If anybody wants a copy of the simple script let me know and within reason I will try to talk you through how to set it up

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Mrs Mom said...

Holy Cow Steve.... err should that be, Oh Most Holy Computer Techno Dude?

I'll be emailing you now!