Friday, August 29, 2008

Well Damned If I Did It Again!

For crying out loud! Stephen and I have been working on this stupid pasture and lawn for days! I mowed the majority of frickin' weeds down and clover and then I felt sorry for the girls and thought, "What will it hurt, just two hours a day for three days." And sure enough this afternoon, Kola got "Slobbers" again, much less intense than last time. So they are locked in until Spring now. Kola was given a dose of Probio, Banamine, and I mixed up some concentrated electrolytes in with some applesauce in a big syringe and she got that too! She is eating her hay and once again, I will watch her closely. The weed killer and fertilizer is going down at 5am in the morning come hell or high water!

Fido is 14 years old and nearly strokes when we take him in to see a vet. He has never been able to handle IV sedation and the last time we had him in (2 years ago), he had to go under general anesthesia for a heart worm test, toenail trim and removal of a wart. And when we went to pick him up and he was waking up, the vet handed me his shots and said, "Here, You can give this when you get home." Indicating that he was too mean while awake. He really is a sweetheart, just doesn't like the Doc. So at 14, he has a growth, maybe a tumor, on his right cheek and he has been scratching at it. Well, it now absolutely reeks! I mean rotten! So Steve and I went to the pet store and we bought some Chlorhexidine spray and some Sulfa cream and his flashlight head. Hopefully this will help to heal the infection he has. He on the other hand is not happy with us as this impedes his ability to lick certain parts that most male dogs lick, if ya know what I mean.

Miss Mina received a new collar to sort of match Spot. I like it. I think it looks good on her. And Steve and I went out to breakfast this morning at an awesome new restaurant in Lake Geneva called The Egg Harbor Cafe. The original in Door County, Wisconsin. So glad they expanded to our area.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Well except for a nice breakfast and new collar sounds like you're having a pretty miserable day. Hope Fido's infection clears up and he doesn't have to go to the vet. Same for the slobbers. Good luck with the patients.

kdwhorses said...

Girl, hoping she gets better real soon! Don't be too hard on yourself!

Poor boy, wearing a lampshade! But if they wouldn't lick, but that won't EVER happen!

Nina is a cutie! Love the new collar! Is her behavior getting any better?

Breakfast together, sounds great!

Callie said...

Arlene, I know, I honestly thought I had cleared that stupid pasture fairly well. At least well enough to let them have a little time out there, but I guess not.

KDW, She's not too bad. Just needs constant supervision. She did attack Zeke while he was on my lap the other day. I think she is jealous of him, cuz he's Mama's kitty.

jme said...

poor fido. hope he feels better soon so he can get back to his licking ;-)

i hate slobbers! we had a problem with that at once farm where i leased, and the horses were miserable :-( is it the clover at your place too?

Callie said...

JME, Yes it's the darned clover. And apparently the fungus that grows on it from such a wet spring. I thought I had lopped enough of it down and it's been so dry for months now, but obviously not dry enough. No more pasture for these girls! Never had this problem before!

Lori Skoog said...

Callie....the slobering has happened here at our farm to a couple of the horses. The vet said that it is not going to hurt them, make sure they have lots of water.
Just put them on the pasture for a shorter period of time. When they eat their grain and hay, it seems to go away (the slobbering). I have 3 pastures, and they only slobber in one of them. It only happened for about 10 days this summer, and I never took them off. Is it in all your pastures? Mowing is good.
Lori Skoog

Callie said...

Lori, You're right the biggest thing is dehydration from "slobbers". That's why Kola got a dose of electrolytes. I gave her the other because she tends to stress colic and I thought better safe than sorry, knowing her. Unfortunately I have only one pasture and it's the damned clover out there. The pasture really needs an overhaul, anyway. I had planted new seed this spring, but because of all the wet weather we had through June, the weeds just took over, so it'll get weed killed and fertilized this fall and in spring and I'll re-plant as well.