Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Cumberland Pellet Stove

This is for my friend in France, Le Cheval , who asked what a pellet stove was. The stove we have ordered is this one. It will heat the home using compacted wood pellets, corn, or cherry pits. We will use wood pellets. The pellets we get will come in a bag and is a high quality wood pellet. Below are a bag of wood pellets. Hopefully this will help to heat our home and cut the some of the use of natural gas and help us with our heating bill this winter. Our fingers our crossed!


kdwhorses said...

Very cool looking stove!

Good luck with the school! Praying for you all that the right choice is shown to you.

Starting to dry out here and the weather is very nice! Hoping to get some saddle time!

Le Cheval Endiablé said...

Thank you very much for this post ! So I can see what a pellet stove is. I had never seen wood pellets or cherry pits.
Here we use fuel to heat the house and it is expensive though the prices are decreasing now. We also have a chimney to help to heat the house.
Hope you will have a warm house during this winter !

Anonymous said...

That's a great looking stove. It should keep you nice and toasty over the winter. And i am all for anyone who can spit in the eye of these oilmen making a 132 trillion dollar profit in one quarter, while the whole country is suffering under their prices.

Callie said...

Kdw, Starting to dry out here a bit too! Thankfully!

Le Cheval, No problem, hope this helps. :)

SMR, Yep, that's what I hope to do...a little eye spittin'! I'm tired of being held hostage by a conglomerate!

Becca said...

Don't know about pellet stoves, but we have a wood burning one that we love. We have lots of trees that need thinning on our place in OK and we save a ton of money using the wood.
Extra benefit? The exercise we get cutting,splitting and stacking the wood. Thankfully we are retired and can do it at our leisure. Love the pictures of your horses. What do you do with them? Becca

Callie said...

Becca, We're actually going tohave them give us a quote on a fireplace insert as well. The horses, other than spoil them rotten! A little riding around this place here and there in my arena and down the fields. Used to trail ride, but had to sell trailer to help get kid into college, plus MS keeps me from enjoying too much, have no tolerance for heat. I plan on a little saddle time next week.

Train Wreck said...

Oh its beautiful!! I thought it said Cucumber Stove!! lOL!!! How exciting. With fall coming in that should keep you warm!

Anonymous said...

Interesting stove. Let us know how the heating costs go. I for one am grimacing already at the thought of propane prices this winter.