Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mina's Vet Visit & My Bath Perspective

Today was Mina's vet visit. Time for her first visit to our vet and well check-up, three year rabies vaccination and some heart guard. Also a word in for Cheryl the cat who manages an annual allergic reaction to herself and a prescription for steroids for her.

Mina was just lounging after her shot and exam as we waited for the Doc to come back with our instructions and pills for said allergic cat. I had her on the floor and she jumped up there of her own accord and just patiently waited. Stephen and I were very proud of her as she was so well behaved at the vet and in the car really. She spent her time in the waiting room on Stephen's lap while other dogs mostly quite large and noisy came and went and strange people stopped to talk to her. She was so good!

This is my view from the bath tub. It is impossible to take a bath without any animals in there leering at you. Spot is focused on my bubbles and Mina is like, "Hey, what's up with the bubbles, lady?" . Often times Lilliput, the blind kitty will join us and also try to bat at the bubbles. Needless to say, lounging in peace is an impossibility. If I don't let them in, they will knock on the door until I do.


cdncowgirl said...

I hear you on the lack of privacy in the bath! We have 2 cats and 2 dogs in the house.
Misty (golden retriever X rottie) lays either in the doorway or on the bathmat (to guard me maybe??)
And Lola (ragdoll) likes to sit on the corner of the tub or she lays across the top of the toilet tank and stretches her front feet onto the edge of the tub. Oh, another favorite game of her's is to stand outside the tub and peek her head between the tub and shower curtain.
Comet (lab X ?) and Chloe (siamese) tend to guard the bathroom from the doorway.

No one's going to get me!! lol

sall gate said...

cute, hope it join us riding party, on

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

Your last photo is great. I have a "posse" that follows me from room to room. It can get a little crazy with 3 dogs and a cat on my every step.

Le Cheval Endiablé said...

The last picture is very expressive. Are they waiting for having a bath ?

kdwhorses said...

way to go Mina! What a good girl!

ROTFL!! I so know what your'e talking about! LOL! I have to be careful because has been known to jump in! The cat is no obessed of sitting there looking at me the whole time! Glad I'm not the only one!!

Jackie said...

Ha! I can certainly sympathize with the bath thing. It doesn't matter where they are or what they're doing, as soon as I start up the bath my cats coming running and take their places on the toilet and sink. My hubby was put out the other day, though, because he took a bath and neither of them came to hang out with him. I get 100% attendance 100% of the time! Silly animals.

Callie said...

Cdn, I have to laugh, What is the fascination? LOL

Sall, Thanks for stoppin' in!

SMR,LOL, I feel ya, girl, 3 dogs and 6 cats on our heals!

Le Cheval, LOL, No they're watching me take a bath.

KDW, It is funny, though , isn't it!

Jackie, It's not just me, they'll follow my hubs in as well, but he'll kick them out unless I plea with him to let them stay! LOL

Midlife Mom said...

Noodles loves to 'help' when I am in the bathroom. He jumps up on the vanity and rummages around in my make up stuff, knocking things on the floor and making a general nuisance of himself. He's such a good boy though so I don't mind. If I close the door he will yowl until I open it and let him in. No privacy in my house!

Pony Girl said...

Your dogs are so cute! Do they like their own baths??

Rising Rainbow said...

My cat likes to join me in the shower. You just never know about critters.

Train Wreck said...

ah ha ah! There is a new commercial for...oh I can't remember. It is a candle commercial! It has the whole family and the dog in the bathroom!
It's you!
Great job on the vet trip. Diesel does not fair as well! He gets scared and has to have a muzzel!

Callie said...

Midlife Mom, Yes, yes, Mine will knock and cry if I do not let them in.

Pony Girl, That is a good question, I believe the answer to that is NO, naughty things!

Mikael, A cat in the shower? How hilarious! I don't think my cats would join me in a shower, LOL

TW, I've seen that commercial! LOL, We have one dog like that, but these two are pretty good!

Jamie said...

OK glad to know that I am not the only one who lets their animals leer at them while in the bath. I felt okay since both dogs are female. Not quite perverted..LOL
Cat is a male though and he visits frequently. Big boxer has tried to knock him in a time or two which has scared the beJesus out of me.....did not need scratched there.
Mine too will break the door down, if I do not leave it cracked for them to come in at will.
Glad the vet trip went good.

Callie said...

LOL, Jamie, I don't which would be more perverted, the boys or the girls. I have a mix of both. I think it's a mama thing! LOL

Jamie said...

Well Callie - I guess you are right...about which one would be the most perverted. LOLOLOL
My babies have to be with their momma - all the time.
Even when we are at someone else's house - they have to go to the bathroom with me. I get strange looks....who cares???? I don't !
My girls are grown and gone, and I just have my doggies and my horses. I love it though - they don't talk back !