Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We've All Been Talking About Being Prepared

In light of all the Hurricanes slamming our friends down south and south-east, so I thought I would share my Horse Medical Kit. In this kit, I have aloe cream for minor scrapes and skin tears, Silvadene ( awesome for healing wounds, helps to prevent proud flesh, prescription only ), a poultice, wound ointment, Betadine shampoo, Betadine antiseptic, joint/muscle pain ointment(kind of like Icy-Hot for horses), Hoof Heal, poultice wrap, gauze, telfa sponges, more gauze, velcro over wound wraps (those are the red things), bandage scissors, syringes, needles, steri-strips and probably even more gauze. This I keep in a clean red bucket and over the bucket I cover it with a clean small rubber feeder, ideal for soaking a hoof if necessary.

In the refrigerator, I use one of the vegetable crispers for horse and pet meds. I keep Pro-bios, Bananmine, Bute, Dex-Neomycin eye drops, Penicillin, Dexamethasone, vaccinations, and wormer.

These are just the basics, things I've learned to keep on hand. I have a hoof pick in my truck, the feed shed next to where the horses are kept and one in the house. You can never have enough hoof picks in my opinion.


Train Wreck said...

uh... you forgot something!! One of the most important things!! Hello, Whiskey!! I hear it is a cure all! I don't know how exactly it's used?(innocent blinking) I see it in some horse trailers, maybe they use it as a disinfectant!! he!he!
I will have to check our First Horseaide!

Callie said...

LOL,TW, I was done drinkin' Jack Daniels by the time I was old enough to do so legally! Oh , you're too funny!

Grey Horse Matters said...

You're well prepared for anything. We pretty much have the same stuff. Let's hope we don't have to use it.

Callie said...

Arlene, I agree, hopefully we won't need to use any of it, but it's there if needed and that's a good feeling.