Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What A Week...............

First off, these pics are you, Mrs Mom . I remembered. Just some of our fall foliage, Steve and I snapped on this marvelously chilly rainy autumn day on our way to run errands. These first trees line the front of our neighbors property.

These are just down the road from our house headed into a valley. I'm afraid this was the best I could do today before it really started raining!

Like my burning embers? Not real, although it is a real wood burning fireplace. I'm afraid to use it because I'm paranoid over hot embers hitting the roof of this place so I don't use it, however, while Steve and I were out getting some supplies for getting the new second pellet burner sorted, we came across this little do-hickey in Home Depot for $44, so Steve gave in and I think it looks pretty real!

So........In the process of cleaning out the fire place with my trusty Dyson, well, I killed it! The old Dyson that is. I have no doubt that I am the only person in the world that has actually killed a Dyson. So HERE in my new one! Yay! Honey, I promise not to kill this one! I once killed a brand new Hoover in less than one day! At least the old Dyson lasted nearly 5 years. Folks....Well worth the money spent on one of these puppies!

Last week there was a hole in this wall that has been there for at least ten years when the extension first started going up. There used to be a window there and I had a decorative blanket hanging there to cover it. Well, the other night, I just got fed up and since we had to use the hole to run the DirecTV cable through there and I realized I actually could see light coming through, I thought,"That is it!". And I sprayed insulation foam in every crack I could find and stuffed the wall with insulation, drug an old piece of drywall out from behind an equally as long hiding place and went outside in the garage in the dark with a flashlight, also in my pajamas to find drywall and screws and Steve and I screwed the drywall up. The next day, we got some mud and I mudded the whole wall and the following day after that I painted it to match the rest of the house. Finally. I know it's not perfect, but hell, it's better than a hole and it's got to help with the heating in here!

I was late to getting to their breakfast this morning. As you can see, they are NOT amused!


Mrs Mom said...

Oooo Callie!! Thank you for the tree shots! They look lovely. Cold, but lovely! {{{HUGS}}} Soon as I rectify the camera situation here, I will send you green grass shots all winter long. ;)

Who are you kidding? The wall looks great!!! How old is your house anyways? If it has a bit of age on it, looking into reinsulating some areas might be worth it in the next year or two- to help with your heating. (Like, attic area, and check your walls too...)

I think the girls will get over it... silly ponies!!

Mom in law got a Dyson this spring, and she LOVES it. RAVES about it. Raves about it SO MUCH, that I now want to get one too! hehe

Callie said...

No Prob, girl, those trees are for you, LOL. Well, if anyone can kill a vacuum, it will be me and the first Dyson lasted about 5 yrs with serious abuse! The house, or should I say converted barn, well over a 100 yrs post and beam, no nails holding it together, just wood pegs! LOL It rocks in a heavy wind! The project of completely reinsulating this place is so overwhelming, I can't imagine! Get a Dyson! They rock!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

hehe. Those are some very annoyed looking equine faces. One is even giving you the cold shoulder. hehe :)

You sound like you do things similar that I do when things annoy me enough just to take care of...right now! Hubby gets irritated when those urges happen to me late at night, which they often do.
That hole repair job looks pretty good. Good for you :)

And I'm envious of your fall foliage. You get alot of reds and ornages. So pretty!
Our trees haven't even changed yet, but we've already had our first snow!


Callie said...

Yikes, Lisa, First snow! It better not happen here until December, LOL!

Midlife Mom said...

You are the first person that I have heard of that killed a Dyson! lol!!!!! Don't feel bad, I killed my Electrolux a few weeks ago after just having it in for major upgrades and repairs! Now I will use my Rainbow more and probably kill that.....
Great pics, looks like here!

Callie said...

Well, Midlife Mom, It actually took me 5 yrs to kill the Dyson and the new and improved model is even better! Love it! Poor, Steve, though, it wasn't really within our budget!