Monday, November 3, 2008

Another Manic Monday

After breakfast for the girls, I needed to take Stephen to Urgent Care as last week he tripped and knocked his chest into a post, so after a week of pain I finally convinced him to go. An hour and a half wait and then the Doc, I think he made an assumption that perhaps it happened while drunk. Well, that couldn't be funnier to us because Steve and I simply do not drink, ever! Actually , it was kind of offensive and then he yelled at Steve to brush his teeth as we left out this morning so quick he had forgotten to. In the end, it lightened up a bit, good thing I didn't tell him that I had beaten him up. Steve and I often make jokes like that! Some people have no sense of humor! Oh well, possibly a cracked rib and a few pain killers.

This is why I am so tired today! This is my side of the bed! Unfair! We have to race to the bed before the dogs beat us there and we wonder why they are well rested and acting like maniacs all day and I need toothpicks to prop my eyelids open!

Finally, It has fully changed color! I want to name this place, so I thought since we have only one Maple tree, maybe I'll name it Lone Maple Ranchette! What do ya think? It's not like I have acres and acres, or we're really located on anything that is other than flat, although we are surrounded by valleys and small hills, but not actually on this property. My one hill is pitiful.

So needless to say, Steve has had his pain pill and is now sleeping and I am also ready for a nap. Can't decide when to vote tomorrow, thought I'd go about 9am as it's a small township and most folks will have voted and already headed off to work and it will be before the lunch break people. Hope it goes as planned and I pick the right time and I'm not standing there for hours on end!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I hope Steve feels better soon. Geez, I hardly ever drink and I fall down all the time... mainly because my dogs keep tripping me.

Jean said...

You need a doctor with a sense of humor....not always easy to find. They do so try to be so serious. I do hope Stephen recovers quickly. Glad it wasn't something more critical...whew!!

Uhm, maybe you could ask the puppies to move?? I usually get wedged in by cats, myself. End up stuck under the covers in one position, whether I am comfortable or not.

Fairly small number of voters at my polling place, though the school gym acutally serves, I think, 4 separate districts. I think I'll go around 9 or so myself. Figure there will be "before work" and "after work" voters to avoid. Since I teach school, we have the day off, so I can go anytime.

Not sure I like "ranchette." Lone Maple is nice, though. Lone Maple Acres? It is a pretty tree.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! I love your choice of name. Cute :)

I wish we had maples here. I don't know why we don't. Maybe it's too dry?

Funny story about your dogs. lol! We used to sleep with our dogs, but now our one dog, who is still a puppy, is crated at night because we can't trust her not to get into stuff while were' sleeping.

I expect that when she's older, though, she'll be hogging the bed, too, like your cute little scoundrels lol!


Victoria Cummings said...

Hope Steve is feeling better today. Hope you didn't have to wait in too long a line to vote. Hope the results give us all a reason to keep hoping.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

OUCH - poor Steve! That really sucks! Hope he feels better soon!

Luckily Limo doesn't take up alot of room in our bed...she's like a torso- her legs just fold up into her body. Peanut has no desire to get in bed with us. My late Spooky though, once in a blue moon she would sleep in our bed and if Matt came to bed and saw her in the bed he'd just go to the couch because he didn't want to disturb her :-)