Monday, November 10, 2008

The Cold Weather...........

Has set in. Of course by the time I grabbed the camera, Kola's shenanigans had really stopped, but she had spent the better of 10 minutes jumping and bucking and spinning at about 3pm yesterday and stopping to look up at the house. Wondering if anyone was going to come out and feed her. Nope, sorry, darling, a little too early. The goats were acting silly as well.

When I did go out and feed, I had to wrangle these two out of the feed shed in order to get to the hay.

Can you guess where we hide Spot's basketball? If we do not hide it sometimes, he obsess over and forget to potty outdoors, because herding basketballs are much more important than peeing.

Lovely and muddy from rolling and acting silly. And very happy to have been fed in this cold weather. I considered their blankets, but it is supposed to warm up a little by next week and I prefer to blanket when it get consistently in the 20's Fahrenheit


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm laughing just imagining Kola's exuberant behavior. I kind of wish my painted gal would do some of that sometimes, too. It's so funny and cute!
But she's too above that, or too laid back. Not sure which.

When my girl's wanting me to hurry up with her grub, she stands at the gate and sends me psychic messages, staring intently at the house, until I end up feeling her vibes and looking out the window.

With this durn daylight savings time, she's out there as soon as the sun starts to drop, which is pretty early here on the east side of the mountains. By 4pm, she's thinking her dinner is actually late! lol!

Stay warm!

Oh...and guess what? It's snowing horses and ponies outside right now. Blowing and snowing with about 2" on the ground :)


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the picture of Spot with the basketball. I'm sure the critters think they're starving now with the cold and time change, but I'm sure they'll make it. We haven't blanketed either, it's still in the 40's-50's here. Cold in the mornings for turnout though, so there are some antics involved once they get through the gate.

Callie said...

Lisa, Mine get so silly when the weather changes! It's hilarious to watch!

Arlene, It must bring a smile to your face to watch their antics as you release them in the morning. Mine always crack me up! It shocked mr to see Spot up as I wasn't really paying attention at that moment. Oh they are all so funny!

Le Cheval Endiablé said...

Here it is still stormy, so the temperature is warm.
The horses have not put their blanket yet except the ones who have been cropped.
A couple of weeks, when I went to the club, I discovered that my favorite horse was injured on the top of the back, probably for he had not been brushed properly before putting the mat and the saddle on. I was angry.
So now, I brush him each time I go there. I hope he will cure soon now.