Wednesday, November 19, 2008


For months I've let this tank sit here and look ugly! The fish that it housed, Mr. Oscar, died eons ago. I've always kept one giant Oscar in this tank and I totally killed that last one only after a year. Usually they live to years, like up to a decade. The longest I had one live for was 5 years. This has been driving me nuts, so today I forged forward and scrubbed this tank. Recharged the filters and removed all crap and rocks within it. It took me about 6 hours.

And here it now. New and clean with just a few Tetras in it. I will add more types of community fish throughout the week a little at a time. I've added live plants and my same old gargoyles. Everything is running great. I am so pleased that I finally got this accomplished.

In other news, Becs and Jim will not be coming for a visit as Becs' Doc does not advise her to travel. So maybe next year. Of course we are disappointed, but certainly understand and want her and the baby to be safe.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It's too bad about Becs and Jim not being able to travel, but the baby's safety is more important. Next year they'll be able to see that great fish tank that you just cleaned out. It looks great by the way.

Mrs Mom said...

Ooo love the tank Callie! Looks fantastic! I can just see my two little mens in there now, splashing

Too bad they can't make it over... but all works for the best! Next time, there will be a wee one for you to smooch on!

Andrea said...

Your fish tank looks wonderful. That was quite a task!!

And so sorry Becs and Jim can't come. Maybe next year.

kdwhorses said...

Good job on the tank! I love fish tanks and had one for alittle while, but the work to keep it up, I just don't have the time. They are so relaxing though!

Wow~you have tons of company coming, what a great time will be had! Sorry to hear about Becs and Jim, but safety first.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for you! I love fish and fish tanks. What a great job you did cleaning it. It's gleaming!

Sorry about Becs and Jim. But just keep thinking about that beautiful baby! :)

New Mexico

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey Callie! You've been tagged!


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Lol- my tank gets that way too!
Right now, I have a 55 gallon with 2 giant danios, a red tailed shark, and a few other red ones, barbs??. It desperately needs cleaning- the pump isn't even running properly. I've been waiting for the water to soften (right now we have really hard water) and a nice day as well, so I can give it a thorough cleaning.

Midlife Mom said...

Sorry that Becs and Jim can't be home for the holidays. Better that they are playing it safe with a baby on the way. I am so spoiled rotten with my kids within five minutes of my house. Actually in the winter when the leaves are gone I can see their house from here. I tell them that I spy on them! lol!!

That tank looks great!!! I miss our big tank but no one would take care of it but me and I went on strike! I loved my angel fish.

I tagged you for a meme. If you don't like doing them just ignore my pleas! lol!

Have a wonderful weekend my friend!!! xoxo