Sunday, November 30, 2008

Winter Storm Warning!

So it started out as a 1-3 inches of snow. To up to 5 inches and now we are in an official Winter Storm Warning and should have nearly a foot by 6am Monday morning.

So when I came home from work this morning, I opted to blanket the girls. They look like overstuffed bags of potatoes! Kola took in stride, but Misty was a bit pissed about it.

So it has been snowing most of the day!

And of course the dogs have to play it in it. I hope eventually the novelty of fun snow wears off soon and they'll get to going potty without fuss instead of craziness!

Misty is completely unamused with the storm and not happy about wearing a blanket either.

Kola seems to appreciate her blanket and really takes it stride. Both a bit spooked by the wind when they're trying to eat in the barn. Every now and then they burst out and look around. I had to turn off the fence so that they could drink their heated water. I think the return circuit on the fence was shocking the water. So now the water is just plugged in. I noticed it this morning when Kola was trying to drink and once I turned the fence off, she was able to dig in to her water without jumping. Even though I had split the circuit, I think it was still interfering.


Grey Horse Matters said...

That's a lot of snow to be expecting. I'm sure that Misty will appreciate her blanket by the morning.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yowch. I'd jump, too, if I took a drink of water and it gave me a spark. lol!
Good thing they didn't hold it against you, too. hehe

A foot of snow, eh? Brrrr! What fun. Misty will just have to deal with the blanket. She'll learn to appreciate it. And good girl Kola. I think she wants to wear some comfy winter boots, to keep her legs and feet warm, too.

I just ordered a waterproof turn-out sheet for Baby Doll, so she stays dry. She's got such a thick coat of fur that, like last year I think she'll be just fine. I just worry about her getting wet and then chilled.
She seems to be enjoying staying in the barn alot these days, too. We've been getting horrific gusts of wind since Friday.

Stay warm. And I know you will with your toasty cozy pellet stoves. I can't wait to see a snow update after the storm as moved on. :)

New Mexico

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh that sounds ugly to me. I hope you all survive such a storm.

I'm glad you figured out the problem with the hot wire zapping the horses when they tried to drink. We had that happen here once and I ended up with a couple of horses too afraid to get a drink.

Anonymous said...

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Callie said...

Well, Arlene, It might be headed your direction next! Hunker down!

Lisa, This is our usual. I like it for some sick reason, LOL.

Mikael, Yeah, glad I got that figured. Poor girls, I always worry about their water intake in the winter anyway!

Welcome, Merle, my uncle has been out on the road truck driving for decades. Tough job! Just don't run me over out there, LOL.

Donna said...

Yikes, that's a lotta snow! Funny how the horses look miserable but the dogs look deliriously happy.

kdwhorses said...

Holy cow that is alot of snow! She will appreciate her blanket when it gets coolder!

Andrea said...

Brrrrrr! That sure is a lot of snow. Good thing your horses were all blanketed up!!

I love the pictures of your dogs enjoying the white stuff!! Hope you stay warm.

Jean said...

My former trainer insists horses prefer to hang out outside in a storm because they do not like the noise of the weather beating on the barn and feel safer out in the open where they can see what's going on.

Guess that's what those waterproof blankets are all about, eh?

I do not envy you the snow. It is something I can happily do without.

My water heater and electric fence are plugged into different outlets. So far, no problem and the heater keeps the water at a nice temp for my Boys. I have heated buckets for the stalls too. I am totally paranoid about their having water to drink all year round, especially in the winter.

John and Regina Zdravich said...

We are having snow here in Northwest Indiana, too. Our mares just love it! They run around and play in it. The goats are not too crazy about it, and the chickens just stay in the coop. Funny how animals are so different -- our girls love the snow, and your horses maybe not so much. But we get a lot of snow here in the winter months due to our proximity to Lake Michigan. Wishing you all the best, and an early spring!

Victoria Cummings said...

I'm not ready for this! Good thing it turned to rain by the time this storm reached our house. One time, I reached over an electric fence to give Silk a carrot. The shock ran through my hand and the carrot to her mouth. It took months for her to be trusting enough to take a carrot from me again. Glad you discovered the short in the water bucket and that your girls aren't spooked by it.

Angelena said...

Our animals get frisky when the weather turns cold as well. Yesterday when me and Jake went to feed - the cows were even a little frisky!