Friday, December 12, 2008

An Apology To All My Blogging Friends.........

Between snow storms and puppies and children arriving weekly and work parties, I haven't been able to blog much. Or visit anyone else's blog. I do apologize.

His name is final and it is Jack, since he was born on Halloween and it suits him.

We have cut down our tree and that was decorated this week.

Mina Moo is a bit bent over the puppy, but taking it out on the cats, poor kitties.
I promise, Arlene, I will get to posting the award you have given me.

And I myself have been having a very bad MS week. Can't seem to coordinate my brain with with my body, very frustrating, I must say. And now it is back to work for the weekend again. I will do my best to get caught up on everything. It's just been too busy! SO I am very sorry for not visiting and getting to posts and all!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Jack is adorable. There's nothing like a new puppy especially for Christmas. I totally understand about being busy. I've got the same thing here, between Christmas shopping, taking care of a 3 yr. old granddaughter, Christmas cards, wrapping presents... It never ends.
So sorry to hear you weren't feeling well this week, you don't need that at this busy time. If you don't feel like doing the award. Forget it. You've got enough to do. Fell better.

Andrea said...

I love the name Jack!! He is too cute. This just seems to be a super busy time of year, for everyone. It's always something.

I hope you are feeling better soon. Get some rest! And if you get some time, I am giving away some toffee!! It might make you feel better!!

photogchic said...

Sorry you were feeling crappy this week. I love little Jack...he is perfect.

Donna said...

Jack is a dear! I'm sure he is a terror as well, but that's what puppies are supposed to be. The tree, the horses, the snow, the all looks so wonderful.

cdncowgirl said...

Hope you're feeling better Callie, sorry to hear you've had such a rough week.

Congrats on Jack, he is a cutie. If you want to see more cute puppies check out what my Mom brought home (posted on my blog)

Midlife Mom said...

Jack is just soooooooo adorable! I would just like to pick him up and snuggle with him! Great name too!

You take care of yourself and don't worry about blogging!!!!!!!! We will be right here waiting and just want you to feel better and get things under control. Feel better dear friend! xoxox

Twisted Oaks Quarter Horses said...

I hope Jack isn't too much trouble. Looks like he is adjusting. Two puppies left today, one being my favorite. I would have kept that one if he was left over. The owner of the stud dog liked that one. It was a good choice. I will cry when the last one goes. Zena noticed this time, she tried to follow them to their truck.

Le Cheval Endiablé said...

Do not worry about visiting the blogs. Everyone is in a hurry sometimes.
I like to see your horses pictures. They look so quiet.
Have a good sunday.

Pony Girl said...

Jack is TOO cute!
Look at all the snow! I am jealous. I want snow. I know, I know, I'm nuts. But I do. I wanted to take a walk in it. Oh well.
Hang in there and enjoy the season!

Victoria Cummings said...

Callie - take care of yourself. Don't worry about not blogging enough. We're here and we'll be here for you. We're not going anywhere, so just take it easy and enjoy the holidays and the new little guy - Jack is a fine name for a doggo.

Rising Rainbow said...

Sorry to hear you are having a bad time with your MS. I hope it gives you a break here soon.

Funny about the dog taking it out on the cats about the new puppy. You have to wonder how their little brains work sometimes. LOL

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh no. Sorry you're having a bad time with your MS. I didn't even know you had MS. Have you posted about it before?
I deal with hip dysplasia and Parvo B-19 as well as Fibro. Some days are awful, but I fight it getting to me. I'm kind of ornery and ingore when my body tells me stuff. lol!

Anyway, I hope you're feeling better and are able to enjoy the holidays without too much discomfort getting you down.

I loved seeing all your pictures, too. Jack is CUTE!
But I think Mina Moo is beautiful. :)