Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Process Of Our Tree!

After we've chosen it and cut it down, it gets a shake.

And then it gets baled.

Then we try, key word here is "try" to get it up nice and straight. But................

It's always fat and never straight!

So here's our lopsided fat Christmas tree. Full of odd and unusual ornaments!


C-ingspots said...

I think your Christmas tree is just beautiful!! But, what the heck is baled??

Callie said...

C-ingspots, Baling is running it through that big round orange thing and it basically nets the tree so that it's easier to handle when bringing it indoors.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your tree looks great! Very festive. Don't we all have an odd assortment of Christmas ornaments. The kids still make fun of the wooden ones I hand painted when they were kids from a kit.I don't care I like them.

Callie said...

Arlene, I still hang Zoe's death star ornament she made in K-5, I couldn't believe they made these things, much less sent them home with 5yr olds on the bus. It is a small styrofoam ball with colored toothpicks sticking out of it in all directions, LOL. I'm a pediatric nurse. Can you imagine the stroke I had when Zoe marched in the house with that thing?!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I love fat Christmas trees! They remind me of Santa Claus...but only green, instead. lol!

New Mexico