Thursday, December 25, 2008


I have just the 2 left. Spot is going to friends in Texas that just were married. I still have Dozer. They love the snow. I send them out with their Mom hoping they will start getting the idea and give the papers a break. They had their first bath today. Max is tolerating them better now that it is only the two of them. They listen really well. They just follow me around the farm like good healers should. They get upset when they are put to bed, just like Jack. They have had a taste of freedom. They still go off at 3am. They are still on daylight savings time. I get up at 4am to feed horses. I do keep Max on the opposite side of the gate now. The puppies escape at night and he barks at them until I come downstairs. He is such a snitch.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The snow puppies are so cute! It's great that you're able to find good homes for them, too.

Merry Christmas!
New Mexico

Midlife Mom said...

Love your snow puppies! Just having cats I don't get to enjoy watching dogs play in the snow. The cats just turn their nose up at it and sleep on the couch. It's raining here today, hope it doesn't take all of our snow off. Can't snowmobile on grass! lol!

Train Wreck said...

OH they are adorable! My Cowboys brother just bought one of Diesels, step sisters. She is so cute she was here "heelin" family members on Christmas! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Twisted Oaks Quarter Horses said...

Thanks everybody. I hope everyone had a wonderful xmas and safe. The little healers are learning how to escape. Dozer knows how to climb the gate. He really thinks he is cool wondering through the rest of the house while poor Spot cries for him.