Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunrise Breakfast

It rained on Saturday so much that most of our snow melted and then overnight it snowed again slightly. It's winter and they've taken to fully pooping in the barn area, so Art, our neighbor, received his first full wheelbarrow full of horse manure on his field.
Today, I'll dismantle the tree. I've already made Zoe's Eggnog Jello Yummy!, she's been nagging me about for weeks. Since the truck is wrecked , long, long story, anyway, I've just been outdoors pulling apart the battery and putting it on the charger while Steve and Art run out and get a new belt. I'm afraid to crawl under it and take a look. AFRAID! Hope what we do today gets it running again and the worst of it was simply because of subzero weather. Let me just give this advice, even big trucks in 4wheel low don't always Baha through Wisconsin snow drifts with a resounding "YeeHA!" . Oops!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Eggnog Jello Yummy? Sounds different, never heard of that before.
Hope the truck gets fixed easily too.
Have a great day dismantling the tree, that's what I'm doing too.

SunnySD said...

Pretty pictures! Good luck on the truck repair. It's deceptive, the sense of security a big truck with 4-wheel drive & a fair bit of momentum will give you. We spent a fair amount of one evening in a snowbank this winter already due to just that! Hope you get things resolved easily & inexpensively :)

Callie said...

Arlene, It's easy to make and really good! Something my Mom used to make. I'll take a pic and put up the recipe.

SunntSD, so far , so good, New belt is on and it's running and moving. Now they are working on the exaust! I'm thrilled so far!