Thursday, December 4, 2008

This Just Cracks Me Up!

If you haven't seen this commercial on television yet, if you have a sense of humor..........Well, being married to a Brit, we just pissed ourselves watching it. Oh it cracks me up! Enjoy!


Grey Horse Matters said...

I've seen this on TV recently. I can't understand a word he says either. I wonder if anyone can, there's a lot of swiss cheese in this guys brain from the drugs I guess. It is funny though.

Callie said...

LOL, Arlene, black coffee, I think the second is LA-X, and the one for sure, only cuz I'm very connected to Brits, is something to the fact of "A load of bullocks"

SkyBar Farm said...

I too just love this commercial, we have several British and Aussie friends, so we knew what the last part of the commercial was. Definetly rolling on the floor.

Le Cheval Endiablé said...

Sorry, I cannot understand why it is funny.

Callie said...

Le Cheval, You just gotto know Ozzie Osborne.........It's hard to explain. I wish I could explain it, but it would take pages, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I just saw that commercial last night and laughed so hard I couldn't stop.

I got as far as 'black coffee' and 'something bullocks'. I like it when the taxi driver says to him "English please!" Thanks for posting the youtube link.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

L! Liliput made me laugh right out loud. That's the kind of photo that folks love to see on a greeting card.
Maybe you should do a "Create a Caption" contest for that one. Too gish darn funny!!

As always I love seeing the goings on around your place. Brrrr, though. It does look cold. Single digits.
Did I say "Brrrr"? yet?

lol :)

New Mexico

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whoops! I just realized I sent my comment to the wrong post. What a ditz! lol!

Anyway, this video is the silliest. I've seen this on TV and just shake my head. hehe

I'm totally laughing imagining Professor Higgins taking on Ozzie as his linguistic subject, just as he did with Eliza Doolittle, though! Can you even imagine? Bwahahah!

New Mexico