Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Am So Over Winter!

This morning's view after the past weekend's snow blast!

It's near impossible to walk around the house with the dogs. Miss Mina leaves a body track rather than foot prints like a foot wide snake trail in the sand.

My poor frosty girls this morning.

They had frost on the tips of their winter fuzzies!

I'm so glad that they both tend to get very thick woollies and both have decent winter blankets that stay in place.

And neither of them try to yank their blankets off each other. I'm sure they appreciate the extra warmth. Which is good because in one more day the temperature will DROP drastically. Frigid cold is to come, so today's plan is to get a little extra hay and give the barn a good sweep out and thow some heavy straw down. I'll also wait until noon at the height of today's temp and top off every body's water.

Spot is a sissy in the cold and I can't get him to wear his winter boots. His darned toes are so long!

A quick game of "tug of war" between the two newspapers while I attempted to warm my toes. I am so over winter and just cannot wait for this to be over and the big thaw, but then we'll be swimming in MUD! I don't which is worse! Of course before the frigid cold sets in, we're due for another 5 inches later today! Glad my truck is fixed.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Me too! I've had enough of this nonsense, it's so cold here and I'm sick of snow and ice and salting and sanding and plowing. Enough! And the good news is, it's only January. Hope we get an early Spring.

Callie said...

Arlene, I can't take it much longer and then there's the mud to deal with!

Laura said...

Me three!! I won't see bare ground and lovely mud until April at the earliest.

Mud sounds much better than freezing temps and plowing, sanding and salting!