Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So Callie popped out today for some shopping and when she came back said she got couple of nice steaks, Portobella Mushrooms and the bits to make Beef Stroganoff hhhhmmmmmm says me sounds like good food for next couple of days.

Now warning signs should have rung when she said " will make Stroganoff tonight as much quicker?

Now below is my idea of Beef Stroganoff

Tender chunks of beef and mushrooms ( I always use small onions as well ) cooked in a cream sauce and served over rice or mashed potatoes. wwhhhhho was I looking forward to it.

Now comes the rub , pop into the kitchen for coffee and see beef mince on the side .

Whats this for darling I say?

Beef Stroganoff is the answer What?

Then I see the master plan a box of hamburger helper ( A LA Beef Stroganoff )

Now you know why when Callie says she misses me it is because I am normally the cook


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Callie!!!!! What were you thinking, girlfriend??

Steve, I feel for you buddy....
In my house, my hubby is not the cook either. I'm lucky to get hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and 'crock-pot-in-a-bag' meals!

Steve, get better soon!


Train Wreck said...

Aw, I was totally into your dinner suggestion. Til I saw the box! lol. Mmmm I love beef stroganoff. Not the HH kind. The kind you were describing first. hahaha funny post!

Callie said...

LOL, Traitors! Now, now, He forgets the home made chicken stew I made, the totally from scratch awesome Spaghetti last week. Now we'll just forget about the HH, and remember tomorrow, the New York strips and baked potatoes and fresh salad. I also make a mean BLT, LOL! At least I can cook a steak. My Mother made shoe leather, heheheheh

Grey Horse Matters said...

In my kitchen, anything is better than nothing. I'm sure whatever it is will taste good as long as it's hot!Feel better soon.

Jean said...

My beef stroganoff: Beef, mushrooms, onions, sour cream, a little wine, some garlic or Adobo powder, salt, pepper, a titch of sugar (brings out the flavor), oregano. Thicken with a little cornstarch and serve over noodles. Yummy and easy and definitely NOT HH!!! Actually, I'd wager it's nearly as fast to make as HH!

My sympathies. I hope your taste buds recover. I didn't think a broken ankle was supposed to affect your stomach too. *sigh*

Hope you are recovering well and feeling better every day.

cdncowgirl said...

That's kinda funny actually.
HEY! Maybe she's trying to motivate you into recovering faster!! lol

Umm, would it still be beef stroganoff if you left out the mushrooms? JMO but mushrooms are evil! lol

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh Steve, I feel for you! Just the sight of the box made me cringe. LOL

BUT, on the other hand, you've got to give her credit for trying to feed you at all..........she could let you starve, you know!

The People History said...

Well I thought I better follow up with how it tasted only one word to describe it YUUUUUUKKKKK, and that was from Callie not me


Callie said...

LMAO! I'm a master at Shit on a shingle!

Vaquerogirl said...

OH NO! I don't cook much but beef stroganoff is one dish I make that I will not compromise on! Mushrooms, the delectable sauce, you simmer the meat for hours with garlic and wine so it is tender...mmm.
No Boxes!

Although having someone ELSE make dinner- hmm... I might go for the box at that!

Think I'll go to the store right now.....yummmm!

Andrea said...

LOL!! I love beef stroganoff, I make a mean one!! But I am with TrainWreck, not the HH kind!! LOL!!

Callie, that homemade chicken stew sounds yummy!