Sunday, February 8, 2009

It Takes Two, Baaabyeee.................

It takes two baaabyeee.........................

But I'm down to one.................
Yep, Just down to one................LOL!

A lesson learned! You never realize exactly what your partner does do to contribute to the house hold until you are doing both his jobs and yours! I mean you do know in the back of your head somewhere, but it really comes to light when suddenly faced with the reality of it.
Steve's jobs included bringing up the 40# bags of wood pellets and keeping those stoves running, occasionally keeping the kitchen clean and in charge of the taking the garbage out and down to road, amongst other tasks, and running errands here and there. And working more than 16 hours in a day on his websites. Also he was the chief cook and bottle washer.
Callie's jobs include feeding & watering of all animals(15?) including managing 3 fish tanks, I've lost count! Keeping house clean, occasionally bringing in a bag or two of wood pellets, managing the 50# bags of horse and goat feed, topping off bales of hay. And running various errands as well and occasionally cooking and working my normal weekend hours as well as my mandatory shifts as it is peak census at the hospital right now. And being allowed to be "dead" on Sundays after my MS chemo shot. That takes me 24 hours to recover from.
Add to this, Stephen's care, although he's getting better at scooting around a bit. On the good note, poor guy finally received his first shower last night after some innovative thinking on my part. Changing the shower head to one that can be detached and finding a plastic stool for him to sit on in the shower. The other challenge and he'll kill me for posting this, but first he'll have to catch me(heheheheh) was getting him to poop! Which required a few extra options bought at Walmart pharmacy. LOL! We've made progress.
I'm getting Jack outside with the other dogs which is about every two hours. I still have to carry him downstairs, however he has finally mastered getting up the stairs (Thank God) on his own. Jack the puppy that is. He still doesn't get the concept of doing his "doodie" outside. And I have these dogs out for 30 to 40 minutes each time.
I've managed to get the house mostly under control, but it took a lot of elbow grease. Still have two loads more of laundry, this is after doing six loads between us over the past week. Steve's office was a tip! It really needs a good clean and I have to strip his bed after yesterdays meltdown outside. MUD! Add two cats that Mina has decided to go after that have sequestered themselves to our bedroom, which requires making sure their water and food has to be constantly replaced. And making sure his outdoor wild birds are fed. That was his thing. I finally refilled all of the seed, the birds are happy! And his office birds. Good grief!
My last task today, besides getting to good old Wally world again will be to do those bits of laundry, tidy up the basement apartment before Zoe gets home and suck out the archway of basement cobwebs that have collected near the laundry room. Looking forward to that!
Anyway, besides being exhausted, I think we have sort of a routine set down. I'm hoping that Steve will be hard casted on Thursday of this week and I'll be able to work the weekend. I must slip out for 4 hours to work on Tuesday night for annual Nursing Ed. Needless to say, this has been truly a challenge. I still do appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. And I must admit, "Kaylee" did give some comic relief, especially when I blew! Oh I just laugh my ass off at that right now! We're managing somehow, I'm not sure how I'll mange work this weekend and sleep. Night shifters do have to sleep during the day and with all of this set back, my MS is acting up a bit. Today I am just tired! Plan on an afternoon nap at some point.
Thanks again, All for your support!


Train Wreck said...

Just checking on you my over exhausted friend! Oh my goodness, you have quite the chores. I hope Steve gets better soon, I hope you stay strong. Thoughts and prayers sent your way. ((hugs))

HorseCrazy said...

I totally love your blog! I try to read it every time I can. I have 2 blogs of horses that you might like.

John and Regina Zdravich said...

My God! I get busy and don't look at the blogs for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose out there! The Kaylee thing and then your husband's injury! That is a lot to have happen in a few days' time. I know exactly how you feel though.....In October of 2007 my husband was injured and I was doing his work and mine, and it was a real challenge (I blogged about it late in 2008-I think the post was called "Remembering Last Year"...). But it does get better. Steve will probably learn ways to be able to do a bit more, as John did. Remember, you have a sympathetic ear out here in Indiana!

Rising Rainbow said...

Take care of yourself, Callie, you can't afford your MS acting up right now and stress is the number one trigger if I remember right....not that you don't know that. LOL But it's easy to forget what's really important when things pile up.

Sounds like you have enough on your plate to make grown men weep. Wish I was closer so I could chip in but think that communting from here wouldn't work to well. I guess I'll have to settle for moral support.

Le Cheval Endiablé et Phyto said...

What a work ! You are very courageous !

Victoria Cummings said...

In case anyone had any doubt before, you are Wonder Woman. Just as you notice all that Steve usually does, I'm sure he's noticing how you are managing to keep things going while doing double duty. Hang in there and take care of yourself!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ya know, that has been something my husband has acknowledged over and over since I got laid up over 6weeks ago. He just keeps saying how much he appreciates all I used to do and how he never really understood how much I did around the house.
That feels good to hear, but it's making me crazy and feeling guilty to se him having to do everythung now all by himself. Poor guy.

I feel bad for you, too. Please take care of yourself. My husband has a leg ulcer, a brain injury/shunt, and is on blood cloot medication and he gets really exhausted easily.
With your Sunday chemo appts and your MS, you really need to get plenty of rest and not have too much stress, ok?

Oh yeh, and I still take my showers with a metal folding chair and a removable/adjustable shower head. What wonderful inventions. Oh yes, and I, too remember surgery constipation. I think I went 5 days before anything 'happened'. lol!

Hang in there Steve...and you, too, Callie!


Netherfieldmom said...

You're doing great--just wanted to give you one puppy tip. Our 5 yr. old dogs were crate trained from the get go, but we always took them out to potty on a leash, since we don't have perimeter fence. We don't use the crates any more and they can go out freely when we're outside. But if they are off the leash, potty is not their first priority. So if we need potty quickly, we just put them on the leashes (which we always use after dark because of coyotes). They know the leash means "get your job done ASAP." Works every time. Also take him to the same potty area every time. They know the drill now--leash = potty. Hope that helps.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hi Callie,
Don't know if my other comment came through or not. Basically, I'm just saying everything else is, please don't overdue it and take care of yourself. That is an awful lot of work for you to be doing. Try to rest a little each day and just do the absolutely necessary things. Take care, wish there was a way to pitch in and give you a hand.

C-ingspots said...

Whew! You're making me tired just reading that list!! And...better not let hubby Steveo read that comment about the pooping thing. Haahaahaa!! Sheesh girl, don't think he would appreciate that one bit!! But, it is kind of funny in a twisted sort of way...:)
Hang in there and hoping Steve improves quickly, for both of your sakes!

EquineMan said...


I am going to stop having pity parties again. I am sorry to hear about your trials.

I hope and will pray that everything works out. Thank you for sharing from your life. It is hard sometimes to do that, but only God knows the impact it may have helping others.

Your a strong lady.

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Midlife Mom said...

I sure wish I could hop on over and help you out!!! Isn't there a high school kid that could come over after school and do some of the heavy work like lifting grain and pellets?

Also two words: take out! When I had pneumonia we ate a lot of take out as Hubby doesn't cook. Poor husbands, the things that we put out there in cyberspace for everyone to know! lol! When my hubby was in for surgery they wouldn't let him come home till he farted! :o) Hope he doesn't read this or I'll be on the bad list!

Really though, take care of yourself and let the things that aren't important slide. It's more important for you to get some rest and take care of yourself! Sending lots of hugs from the great north woods!

Jean said...

Oh my! Do take care of yourself and get some rest. You know the house doesn't have to be perfect!

The critters need care, of course and so does Steve, but some of those chores might be able to wait or be done in stages instead of all at once.

Reagrdless, I am impressed with all the work you've done. I'm worn out just thinking about it.

kdwhorses said...

Goodnes girl! Take it easy! HUGS and prayers being sent to ya!

deejbrown said...

It sounds like you are prioritizing and skilled at that. But I agree; please put yourself at the top of the list and flush the Kaylee-thing down the toilet. Keep your positive energy for yourself (and your blog....)