Sunday, February 1, 2009

NOTE To KAYLEE, Whoever You are!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, I'll start with the comment I just received on my last post and I posted it because I allow everyone to be heard on this blog even if I disagree. It's called being polite! So let me post it in quotes!

"If you had spent less on horses,dinning out, cars ect and saved for the last 18 years maybe this would have been do able.It is all ways someone elses fault right, not yours.Give me a break. !!!!The me generation , their chickens coming home to roost. "

Now, I must admit that I let loose on Miss Kaylee with a follow up comment. Feel free to read it. This really pissed me off.

#1- I don't recall putting fault or blame on anybody for the lack of qualifying for a low interest loan. Simply a shock and a hardy "fuck you" to people who actually get off their ass and work for a living.

#2- I am a Baby Boomer, not a "ME" generation. So let us get that straight.

#3- 40% of my retirement fund has now gone to the Wall Street big wigs pockets for their selfish indulgences along with a whole lot of other people's hard earned money. A retirement of which I have carefully contributed to and do still. Also of which I am allowed to borrow against for said child's college, however, there is nothing left to do so with. It's called TIA-CREF. It's mostly gone now and it only took a year. And that was NOT my fault.

#4- I worked my way through college and have always kept a roof over this child's head and food in her stomach. She has always come first and has never lacked for anything. Must have done something right there along the lines as she has turned out to be a pretty damned good human being. And will actually contribute to society rather than suck off of it. Now I understand the need for help for lots of folks who aren't able to or lucky enough or have been stuck in said situations. I do understand the need for some folks to call on government help. I understand that. I never had to, but I worked my ass off in order to not. How much do you contribute to charities, Kaylee? Stephen and I always manage to come up with something for those less fortunate.

#5- What Job, Kaylee, do you do to contribute to society? I'm curious, really. I'm a Pediatric Intensive Care Registered Nurse. Every night shift I go to work requires me to saves little children's lives. And if you think that is the Doctor's job, well, let's talk a little reality here. I am at the bedside, watching labs, knowing what they mean, watching vital signs, knowing what they mean and it's up to me to let that Doctor know that this particular kid is going to DIE, if we do not start to take action. How many fucking chest compressions have you done on a child to save it's life? Let's see, I've lost count. How many code carts have you cracked open and started pushing life saving drugs on kids before the Doc got to the bedside to bark orders? Let's see, in my 20 years of doing this, I've lost count. Stop at any car accidents recently and keep someone alive until the paramedics show up?, Kaylee? Hmmm, Again, I've lost count. Rescue any animals? Kaylee? Rescue or feed anything? OH and let me remind you and anyone else out there that if you think a pediatric nurse makes more money than an adult nurse? Well, the answer is no we don't. Children's hospitals everywhere bank on the fact that you won't leave to take of adults because you like to care for kids, so the pay is much less than you think.

So unless you know what the fuck I have done to contribute during my 46 yrs on this earth, you have got nothing to say about this and how DARE you even hint at my "Greed?" How dare you!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

You go, Callie! I think you win this debate hands down. I'd like to add that our generation has had an especially difficult time with repeated layoffs, something our parents didn't necessarily have to go through. We've lost our retirement savings over and over thanks to those layoffs and the stock market. Saving doesn't guarantee anything. The ratio of the cost of a college education compared to one's net pay now-a-days is horrible compared to when our parents put us through college. It's a whole different world, and I don't think any of us saw it coming. Callie, you are a great person, and I know you won't let anyone convince you otherwise. I'm glad you are standing up for yourself.

SunnySD said...

Absolutely ditto.

Callie said...

Thanks, NuzMuz, I know you understand how this works. From what I've read on your blog, I can't imagine the time you put in daily! And your right. Saving does not guarantee anything. Not these days. Cripes, a wage increase doesn't even come close to matching cost of living.

Grey Horse Matters said...

It's amazing how small minded people always have an opinion on other peoples lives. You've obviously worked hard for what you have, and deserve to be able to get a loan to finance your child's eduction. None of us was born with a 'silver spoon' in our mouths and have worked our whole lives for what we have. Don't let Kaylee bother you with her mean spirited poison pen, you're better off just ignoring this dribble. You're a great person and no one can take that away from you.

Anonymous said...

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deejbrown said...

Ride on, Callie. Don't let this anger steal your energy. Save it for the good work you do.

Callie said...

I have to laugh now, Arlene, Yeah I was pissed and now it's off my chest. Hiding little peon, anyway. Some people are just morons and that's all there is to it. Your right, I shouldn't let it get to me. Unfortunately, I do not have a filter, hehehe, and sometimes I let it fly. I have to admit, Stephen restrained me from using a word that I save for only those who truly deserve it. I promise to start tomorrow on a much happier note. ;)

Callie said...

Thanks, Deejbrown, Like I said to Arlene, I promise to start the AM on a much nicer note, hehehe.

And thanks to Sunny for the "ditto" hehehe. I'm laughing about now!

Vaquerogirl said...

Atta Girl!!! You nailed it! And just to add my two cents- to all these dead beat no load losers that have caused this whole crisis in the first place, and now are expecting their Messiah to come in and rescue them- get a frigging life! No one ever built a house for me because I was poor ( and I was) because I'm the wrong color. I've never been on welfare even though I was abandoned by my first hubby with a 6 mo old and a mortgage.I haven't had a job for 6 months, but I'm not on unemployment- but I still managed to give a few hundred dollers to people I know who really needed the funds.
How dare some no named igmo try to dress YOU down! Humph!
PS- I am so impressed by your job! Thank you for all your hard work for those babies!

Callie said...

Thanks, Vaquerogirl, Boy , I was pissed, but I'm now over it and I'm glad for your two cents. I here ya! It must have taken something to hold it together with a baby and a mortgage. Hard ass work I suspect!

cdncowgirl said...

You GO girl!
Unless Kaylee is some super amazing person who works in a job that gives back (like yours) and has absolutely NO hobbies or interests of her own, and spends only what she absolutely MUST on herself plus gives to charities then she has no leg to stand on.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Unbelievable!! You go Callie!

It is really starting to amaze me the number of people who randomly read something and think they have the right to pass judgement on that person. Here's the thing... just because people blog publically and sometimes get angry and say so, does not give someone who has NOT been reading their blog on a regular basis to post random, negative comments.
I think the "fugly" mentality is spreading beyond that blog and people think they have a right to say stupid things on other people's blogs.

This will crack you up, I received a personal email the other day from someone who has "to my knowledge" never read MY blog. They read a comment I left on another person's blog...two months ago...and thought they, for some unknown reason, needed to PM me and tell me my opinion was wrong. I have to admit, I busted out laughing when I read their PM. The most idiotic part was something about their son(or some such family member) never signed up to go to Iraq. Well, sorry, but any time anyone signs up for the military, they face being deployed. Maybe they should have thought about that before signing on the dotted line. I know my nephew knew he would get deployed to Iraq and he still re-inlisted.

Anyway, the point is...there are a lot of people who read your blog regularly who understand your frustrations and I don't think any one of us EVER thought you were doing anything but expressing the same frustration that a lot of people are feeling these days.

And daaannnnggggg woman, when you cut loose, you really cut loose!! Rock on!!!

dickiebo said...

Well! At least this Kaylee character caused you to have a good workout! Now that coy Kay has crawled back into the woodwork perhaps normal service can be resumed? And let that be a lesson to any other lurking ruddy Kaylees! Mix it with Callie at yose peril!

Callie said...

CDN, You're right........simple as that.

BECS, Your comment just cracked me up! Some people are just assholes, I guess. I "ditto" your thoughts on signing up, I too agree, expect to be deployed, that's why they want you. We're lucky enough that we have men and women out there brave enough and strong enough to do so. So there isn't a draft and we are protected. I highly respect and support them. Sometimes, well, most times, I just don't have a filter, LOL. My Mama didn't raise no sissy, hehehehe.

Dickiebo, Well, yes, it can resume to some normalcy, unless she cares to come back and spar some more. LOL.

Andrea said...

You go girl!! And who cares what Kaylee thinks, she probably is just jealous that you have horses and nice trucks.

kaylee said...

I stand by what I said.
This is your problem and to get mad
cause you missed the boat and then
go into an a pity me party and brag
how great you are for doing the job you trained and get paid for
is just plain sick,
You are the problem.
Start selling some of your
things, or get a loan like
everyone else.
Did you really think you should
have a free ride or a hand out?
Rage on the more you say the more you reveal , and it is telling.
Poor you. (snort)

Anonymous said...

Go gettem girl. Unfortunately the anonymity of the internet has caused some to lose their manners it seems. Maybe they never had any to start, hard to know and your recent Kaylee Troll is a good example of that.

My mom is a retired RN who spend years as an ER and crit care nurse. You're exactly right about nurses being the lifelines. It's a great calling you have.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a jerk! Ignore her, Callie. She's not worth your time, emotions or even thoughts.
She's a stupid idiot with no respect for others and a fat mouth with a foot that fits inside of it quite nicely.

I'm so sorry you had someone so rude leave their unwanted and useless opinion on your blog.

Hang in there sweetie.

Callie said...

Thanks all for the support, I know it's not worth my time, but there yet one more comment to respond too and I'm just in the mood for it.

Callie said...

OK, Kaylee, You little CUNT! Do you fucking know how to read? I mean really. I know you can't spell! Did you bother to read!? NO where in either of these posts did I ask for a hand out, bitch! I was displeased that we do not qualify for a LOW INTEREST LOAN BECAUSE WE MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY, BUT NOT QUITE ENOUGH! Was that loud enough for you? AND THIS IS MY BLOG! NOT YOURS! I WILL RANT ABOUT WHATEVER I FUCKING FEEL LIKE! If you want to spill it out of your stupid little fucking cunt mouth than have the balls to open your own fucking blog, CUNT! GET IT? YET? FUCK OFF!

Callie said...

AND KAYLEE, What is you do to contribute to society? The more you say, the more you reveal............

Sully said...

Kaylee needs to find something better to do with her time. Maybe she could visit first grade and learn to spell and read?

Callie, you sound like a wonderful person (fury and all). Don't let a small minded uneducated person like her bother you.

allhorsestuff said...

Hay, sorry for this mess of a person that has nothing better to do than to try and create more messes.
I feel sorry for them, and "I" would delete the comments.
Why give them air time?
Truly NOT worth your energies!
Anywho...please have a better day, I know you are!!!!! You got Spirit gal!

Zoe said...

You would think that someone so concerned about the problems of the world and other people's "greed" and what not would have better things to do with their time than lurk around the internet and criticize other people's lives on their blogs... like..oh.. I don't know.. spend their time helping at shelters or educating people about finance management (since she seems to know so much about it)... I guess she feels like leaving rude comments is more effective...

Oh well.. some people just lack empathy.

Holly said...

one word for you Callie.


She's a troll.....

and a stupid one at that.


Carol said...

I can FEEL your anger!!! I have been there myself. In fact I think many of us horse lovers have. You did a great job posting your response and your feelings regarding this tactless, judgemental individual.

Kudos to you for standing your ground on this!!!!

I did a post regarding this subject as well since I didn't want to leave a HUGE comment on yours and Mikael's blogs. I can relate to EVERY word you both said.

If there's one thing that's true, we horse owners are a dedicated, hard working, and caring bunch. Those are great qualites to have!