Monday, March 2, 2009

Well, One Hell Of A Weekend..........

Saturday, I returned home from work in the morning to feed the horses and found that their water had begun to freeze! Crap! So I ran through the house checking all fuses, turning them off and back on again for a restart. My problem is that I must sleep and I've got, if I'm lucky 5 hours to do it in before I must get up and head off to work again, so even if I fix the water, I've got no way of watching it to see if the ice melts. I thought, better safe than sorry and I called my neighbor, who was on his way to Iowa, then I called Jeremiah, who was up north fishing. I then called Jess, who lives at least an hour plus away in desperation to get a new heater in case this one was trashed, changed the extension cord. Of course, Jess came through and stopped at TSC and picked up a new one for me and made the drive. Well, then the damned thing started working which was unfortunate for Jess, cause she made this long trip for nothing. Thank-you so much Jess!

Work was tough as it was. I volunteered for a very sick kid because it was my Orientee's last night and ended up running my own code. We did save him for my shift. I cannot go into details, but my orientee asked the little tiny blond police officer in the room if she could use her gun on me, jokingly of course, however, I'm sure if the police officer, tough little thing wasn't very amused. Unfortunately the little one passed on the day shift. I knew he would, but not on mine, always my goal. Needless to say, apparently I was shouting for the code meds at the time, hoping for some direction from the PNP, who just wasn't giving it to me, so I took over. My friend said , I made her piddle her pants because I was shouting, I told her she may have piddled, but I was poopin'! I love my supervisor because after we stabilized said kid, she jokingly checked my pulse. LOL, I didn't realize I was shouting. I now owe my friend some Cadbury creme eggs! I came home sore and exhausted in more ways than one Sunday morning. My poor orientee, an awesome nurse, said she was going to cry all the way home. I told her she had to separate, go home knowing she did the best she could for this child and hug her kids. That's the only way to get through this stuff.

On a good note, Jack no longer pees and poos in his crate and this morning, I took him outdoors with the others to feed the horses and goats and he both piddled and pooed outdoors, but once again only because he was tied to the hitching post.

I think the cranberry juice has helped the Moo, Miss Mina as she has stopped the potty scoot and her girlie area no longer smells strong. I will get cranberry pills for her today. I have a lot of chores today, poo patrol, house clean, banking and getting one of the kitties into the Vet as she has a sinus infection and in spite of efforts to flush her sinuses out. Of course, I've been clawed. Kitty is elderly, near 20 and I dread this, because if the Vet suggests surgery, I will have to put her to sleep. It's not logical to me to put her through that at that age and roll the dice that she would survive the surgery for what? And the Vet I plan on taking her to, always makes you feel guilty if you make that decision. I don't take those decisions lightly as it stands, so we'll see what happens. And I'm currently freezing my butt off as one of the pellet burners needs repair and it is bloody cold in here!


Victoria Cummings said...

Oh Callie, I wish I could give you a big hug. I don't know how you do it, but even if you were shouting, you were doing something so brave and important and everyone there knew it. Life does seem like an endurance contest these days but I realize that I've become so aware and grateful for just the moment to moment little victories. You've had several in what you've just described and I applaud you for them. You are a strong woman, my friend.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Callie I wish I was closer so I could give you a hand. How you are keeping up this pace is amazing. So sad about the little child, I could never do your job, I would be a basket case. After your chores are done, please get warm and take a good nap.

Callie said...

Victoria, I've decided to be lazy today and try and treat the kitty myself today with a sinus washout.Thanks for the support, it's just life, well and death, I guess.

Arlene, I'm good really, being lazy today. Too damned cold here!

Mrs Mom said...

Callie, I still say that God Forbid I ever need one of my boys in a NICU, I WANT YOU THERE WITH US. Period. Heck, if *I* ever have to be in ICU, I want ya there for me! ;) You are an amazing and compassionate and DEDICATED Nurse, and I have the utmost respect for you.

Wish we were there to help out around the farm!! You take care and try to rest up this week too. Will keep Kitty in our prayers too that all is well with her.

Huge hugs to you and Steve!!!

Jean said...

So sorry about the child. Bless you and all the caregivers there for putting so much heart and soul into your work. It is a hard job and I doubt many people really comprehend the emotional and physical strain it causes.

Good news about Jack, but not so good news about the kitty. Don't let the vet get to you. At 20, kitty has had a full life and surgery would be really risky. I had a similar elderly girl and circumstances kind of forced a surgery. She came home and passed away the next day. I keep thinking there should have been an easier way to end her life than all that.

Bummer about the water heater. Mine did the same thing. I put another one in and disconnected the first one rather than take a chance that is was going to go wrong again and leave my Boys with ice instead of water. Don't know if the old one totally shorted or what was going on, but the new one is doing the job perfectly. One less thing to worry about on your platter would be a good thing at this point.

Do try to get some rest.

Katharine Swan said...

I wonder if Jack prefers to go to the bathroom on a line! Our dog does. Maybe you could try taking him out on the leash to go potty and see if he goes.

Sorry to hear about the child. That's got to be rough. You do carry an awful lot on your plate, don't you!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Man that does sound like a Hellish weekend...I couldn't do what you do, I would take it home with me everyday-kudos to you for being able to do it, because someone has to!

Poor Mina looks a bit embarrised in that pic! Glad to hear Jack is keeping his crate clean these days.

Twisted Oaks Quarter Horses said...

You're welcome. As long as you were able to get some sleep it was not a wasted trip. You had enough stress going on. I brought Spot and Max with because I felt bad not spending time with them. Spotter puked twice, once on the way then again going home. Then he jumps behind me between the seat and my back with warm puke on his paws. Gerald is still laughing!

Callie said...

Thanks gals, I'm beginning to fade, getting exhausted. Took Monday off and just chilled.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Man! You've had a rough time of it.
Jess sounds like an awesome friend. It takes a good friend to have good friends, though ;)

It's so stressful whe you are responsible for lives. At least you have the opportunity to save them sometimes. When I was fresh out of high school I worked in a nursing home. At least once a month someone died. It was such a depressing job knowing that all your patients were on their last days. I just couldn't take it. I lasted only a year there. :(

Poor kitty. I wonder if some Zicam up his nose might help? May be better than surgery and definetely better than the guilt trip. :P
I hope kittykins feels better soon.

And way to go for all the pooch poop, pee and infection issues, too. need a vacation.

What's up with the pellet stove?

Hang in there sweetie!